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Ten Thought Tuesday


1.  I wanted to post about it when it happened, but I passed the one year mark in blogging a little over a week ago.  I’m really happy because blogging has allowed me to connect with some really wonderful people.

2.  There’s a million thoughts coursing through my head these days and about as many drafts in my draft folder, however, I’m struggling with blogging these days.  Perhaps it’s because I’m tired and in need of my Christmas break.

3.  I just went shopping!  Actually took some time for myself and bought some clothing!  I guess starting a new job in January gave me the motivation to go (I’ve been meaning to buy a couple of new things for months now, but I hate shopping for clothes).

4.  We had quite the snow storm last weekend, it was awesome to wake up to 35cm of snow!

5.  It’s been freezing since the last snowfall though, around 35 (Celsius) below with windchill.  Brrrr.

6.  This week, we’re having pork tenderloin with a mandarin glaze and slow-cooked baby back ribs.  It is going to be YUMMY!

7.  I had a nice romantic dinner with my partner on Saturday evening.  We went out for fondue.

8.  I’ve finally sent out a package that’s been sitting around on my kitchen table to a friend.  It’s not going to get there in time for Christmas, but it’s ok because she’s not expecting to receive anything 😉

9.  Speaking of Christmas, I’ve got all my gifts ordered, but some of the things I got from Etsy haven’t arrived yet.  Probably stuck at the border…

10.  The little guy is really awesome at walking now.  He is getting more and more confident (and quicker lol) and rarely crawls now.  It’s crazy to think that just one year ago all he could do is cry, fill his diaper, nurse and sleep!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

6 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday

  1. What’s a romantic dinner? Oh! That’s right, it’s a meal with no children! 😉 It’s been a WHILE since I’ve had one of those… I’m so glad you had a nice time! 🙂
    Yay for clothes shopping! I dislike it too but always so pleased when it’s over and I have something new and lovely to wear!
    I am AMAZED at what happens in just 12 months, like you said, nothing but “goo-goo”‘ing 😉 to walking and playing so well! It’s crazy!!
    Send some of that snow down here, would ya?! Sam has never seen it!!

  2. Great thoughts! I’m not a huge shopper either. What makes it worse is I procrastinate when I need things. Then, when it’s time to go shopping for myself, it’s too overwhelming and I can’t think to buy anything! Congratulations on the anniversary and the romantic dinner (and the snow!). Merry Christmas! Take care!

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