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A mommy question

Anyone have some experience with a picky eater? This mama’s son will eat a wide variety of foods as long as they are given to him under the form of a smooth purée. Otherwise, he can’t stand the texture. If you have any experience/insight, please comment on her blog. Thanks!

Metal Angel

I don’t usually go asking for “mommy advice.” This being my 4th child, I am usually not surprised by much, but as he’s gotten older, and now toward the toddler stage, Thor seems to be determined to be a horse of a different color, even more so than he has been all along.

To clarify, my son is very much a creature of habit, he has never, since birth, been a big fan of change. This extends not only to his routine, but other things like his toys, what music he finds comforting, and other things. Maybe you get the picture.

When things upset his “routine” or he is feeling insecure it’s not a happy time around here until he is secure again. Usually the thing that upsets him the most in that regard, are his immunizations. Usually those can throw him for a loop, and it seems we get…

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4 thoughts on “A mommy question

  1. My son also just turned one and was picky with his food. I ended up hiding table food in his baby food until he could tolerate the table food alone. I still do this with foods he doesn’t like as much. I’ll mix pees in yogurt or apple sauce. I know there are a lot of feeding philosophies out there that probably think this is deceptive and horrible, deception at such a young age! But, the kid had to eat! Good luck with the table food, I know it can be hard!

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