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Last Friday, we went to Woohoo, the amusement center near where we live.  I figured that since the little guy loves to climb so much, that he’d have a blast there.

We made our way towards the toddler area, an enclosed space with a ball pit, a small climbing/sliding structure and a couple of other things.  This is how much fun my son had for the first 15-20 minutes:

Of course, I was expecting that kind of a reaction.  Every time we go to a new place, my son gets into super-shy-and-observe-everything mode.  He seriously had that almost blank stare for a quarter hour.  He was super clingy at first and didn’t really seem to want to try anything out at all.  I still tried to get him to climb a bit and then helped him down the slide.

Me: "Woohoo, look how fun this is!" Charles: 'I'm not sure I like what's going on here'.
Me: “Woohoo, look how fun this is!”
Charles: ‘I’m not sure I like what’s going on here’.

At one point, I actually wondered whether Little Dude would start exploring on his own or not.  Despite the section being for toddlers, there were very active kids that were definitely older than 3 years of age who were running around and throwing balls around (there were also a couple of adults who were throwing balls at each other who my son just stared at frightfully until they realized that they were scaring him and stopped).

Eventually though, after exploring every section in the comfort of my or my partner’s arms, he started wanting to explore on his own.  And boy did he have fun!

He really loved the climbing/sliding structure and even went down the slide on his own…feet first on his belly!  Of course, he also tried climbing up the slide numerous times…

Charles eventually explored the ball pit.  Though he liked the balls, he did not like being in with them..  He kept his body resolutely out of the pit and decided he preferred observing the other kids who were jumping in all the time.

Little Dude decided to finish his tour of the toddler section with a quiet activity.

He had lots of fun and we’ll definitely be going again.  The prices are actually pretty reasonable and they even let the grandparents come in for free (how cool is that)!  Besides the fact that my son had fun and played to his hearts content, the 90 minutes we spent there yielded a 2.5h afternoon nap!


What has been your experience with amusement centers?

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11 thoughts on “Woohoo!

  1. Play centres are great for kids, I don’t like them as much. For me they’re noisy and boring (unless I take a book). But the kids LOVE them. Running, jumping on trampolines, climbing, sliding…it’s kid heaven!! My two are always exhausted after a visit too ;). Might take them while we are on holidays. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Ça me rappelle des souvenirs. J’adorais vous emmener là-bas quand on était à Fort Mc Murray et qu’il faisait TRÈS froid (-30 et plus froid). Quand vous étiez plus vieux, j’allais même avec vous dans les modules car les parents y avaient accès!!! Charles fait comme ton frère… Il observe… et après il y va… Trop mignon… C’est certain que je vais l’emmener là-bas!!! Bisous et gros câlins xoxoxo

  3. Our town here doesn’t really have a good play center. But the town we used to live in had one we went to very frequently! They loved it! I didn’t mind it a bit–unless the big kids were out of school and came in and scared my little kids–or endangered them! The hardest part was always getting them to leave!

    1. Luckily, I didn’t have too many issues with the big kids. I asked one if he could play a little further away from my son and he did. It’s too bad that you don’t have a nice play center close to where you live.

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