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Dashing Through the Snow…

Ok so we weren’t exactly dashing, but we did take the little guy outside to try out the cool sled he got for Christmas from his grand-parents (thanks mom and dad!).

He and I had a wrestling match during which he also made use of his high-pitched scream and baby tears while I attempted to get him all bundled up.  It was a long process, but I finally managed to get him into his complete winter gear in about 15 minutes (no joke!).  It’s not that it was terribly cold outside (the weather was actually really high for this time of the year), but still, I wanted to make sure that he would stay warm if he decided he wanted to roll around in the snow.

When we first put him in his sled, he was less-than-enthusiastic.  Well, actually, he was just kind of wondering what was going on.  But then, when his dad was pulling him (and I was taking a whole lot of pictures) around the block, he realized that it was kind of fun!

When we got back home, I sat him in one of our million mounds of snow (I seriously don’t know where we’re going to put it if there’s another big snowfall).

It’s always super funny to see my son in a new situation (ie: sitting in the snow, this time ’round) because he always has this bewildered expression on his face at first while he tries to figure out whether he likes said situation or not.


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12 thoughts on “Dashing Through the Snow…

      1. Yeah! I looked into a double sled but it was way to expensive just for one year. At least my stroller is holding up well, and my dogs are used to getting only 30-45 minute walks in the winter anyways. Stay warm 🙂

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