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Word-filled Wednesday

Oh how I’ve missed WordPress!

I know, I know, I’ve been away for quite a while.  But I have good reasons!

You see, there’s the fact that I started a new job in January.  This means that I’m now working Monday to Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Oy!  What got into me?

No but seriously, it’s not that bad.  I’m kinda getting the hang of things now even though I regularly misplace my brain these days…

Then, well, there’s the fact that Little Dude was rather clingy in an I-just-want-to-be-in-mommy’s-arms-all-the-time-otherwise-I’ll-scream-and-cry-and-throw-a-tantrum kind of way for the first three weeks of January.  Of course, I could blame teething for it because he *was* teething again after all (good thing his teeth are almost all in!), but I think it’s something else.

You see, I think that this is the cause:

Yes! It’s a picture of a LEGO creation I pulled together!

I’ll give you a moment or two to connect the mental dots (assuming you haven’t already done so).

One moment…

Two moments…

Yeah, baby #2 is on the way!

So, how has this been affecting my son?  Well, since nausea decided to grab hold of me earlier this time ’round (yay?), I haven’t been physically able to hold my son as much.  And well, since it seems to be human nature to want what we can’t have (speaking of, is anyone willing to go sushi-free as moral support until I give birth?), my son has been wanting to be held a lot!

So yeah, reason #3 for being a WordPress ghost for the past few weeks: headaches, extreme fatigue, 1st trimester insomnia and nausea.  I’m usually in bed by 7:15 these days (when I’m not working).  But things are getting better (fatigue and headache-wise anyways).

Oh, I missed you guys!

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26 thoughts on “Word-filled Wednesday

  1. Congratulations! The training wheels fall off pretty quick with the second one 🙂 I had nausea really bad the second time around and none the first. I totally understand how awful it is! But who cares?!? You are having a baby! Lol.

    1. Wow, I was sure I’d replied. Guess I forgot to hit the “reply” button. Oh yeah, score 1 for pregnancy brain lol!

      Thanks! I was super happy when I found out (and still am, of course). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that since the nausea appeared more quickly this time around, it’ll disappear more quickly too (what, a girl can dream, can’t she?).

  2. Thanks! I was super excited when I connected the mental dots myself. Nausea sucks bad! I’m hoping that since it started earlier on this time ’round, it’ll go away more quickly this time *crosses fingers*.

  3. Congrats!! So exciting! I am 6 weeks along. We can give up sushi together. Funny, sushi is always my least favorite thing to give up too! And the training wheels do fall off pretty quick, once you get used to balancing two instead of just one.

    1. Thanks Lynn! I had my ultrasound today and I’ve just passed the 10 week mark! Thanks for giving up sushi with me (I know what you mean about it being the least favourite thing to give up!).

      It’s good to know that the training wheels fall off more quickly!

  4. Congratulations! This is not my favorite state of being. Motherhood, yes. Pregancyhood, no. I SO feel your pains. Hang in there! I’m due one month before you are. I think I’ve managed two posts since the first trimester. But it’s wearing off, and I’m looking ahead! I’ll give up the raw fish, but I’m still eating nori around whatever toppings I have in the house–but it didn’t sound too good a couple of weeks ago! Now it sure does! All the best to you! One foot after the other. Don’t know how you’re managing that schedule, pregnancy, and motherhood (oh, yeah, wifehood, too).

    1. I actually love being pregnant. It’s just the first trimester that’s hard! After that, though, it’s smooth sailing. Glad to know that you’re getting the upper hand on your pregnancy! It just takes up so much energy at first, doesn’t it?

      Yay! Someone else who’s giving up raw fish (incidentally, the other is pregnant too – hum, maybe we should start a club :D).

      As for managing the hectic life, well, there’s only one way: one day at a time 😉

      Take care!

  5. So excited for you – due to my own pregnancy brain I cannot do the math – how far apart will your babes be? Mine will be 21 months apart, and I am totally expecting that the wheels are going to fly off VERY soon!

    1. Yup, mine are going to be 21 months apart too! I guess I know who I’ll be turning to when I just don’t know what to do anymore LOL! The little guy already has quite an attitude, can’t wait to see what the twos will look like…

      1. I know – As many times as I tell her about the new baby she does not understand that her world is going to turn upside down…I will offer what ever thoughts I can…anytime…I am scared to death!! Good luck!

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