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Breakfast With A 14 Month Old

My son loves to eat.  He loves breakfast in particular as it is generally sweet.

This morning, it was a cara-cara orange, a handful of blackberries, a piece of toast with raspberry jam and a glass of coconut milk.

As usual, he started with the fruit.  I think both the orange and blackberries were gone in the blink of an eye.  I seriously have no idea where he puts all the food.

Then, it was on to the toast.  His favourite activity: licking all the jam off before proceeding to consume the piece of bread.

But why is the jam on my toast all gone?


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

17 thoughts on “Breakfast With A 14 Month Old

    1. He’s certainly does look healthy. Full of nice baby fat rolls. But your little guy looks top shape too! Funny you say that you wish your little guy would eat like that, sometimes, when I see just how much he eats, I wish my little guy would be a little more reasonable… 😉

    1. Thanks 🙂

      My terrariums house a leopard gecko and a sunglow/albino gecko. I started my lizard collection when I moved out of my parents’ ’cause my mom always told me I could have one when I had my own place 😉

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