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Ten Thought Tuesday: Eat & Sleep


  1. I had my monthly appointment with my ob/gyn today.  Apparently, the attacks on my immune system that have happened over the past month have left their mark.
  2. After getting me on the scale, noting the number on my follow-up sheet, looking back up at the scale and getting me to get back on, my doctor asked me what had happened over the past month (um, where do I begin?  Cold, flu, gastro, ear infection…).  I’m off work for the next month so that I can rest, eat and get my immune system back online.
  3. I’ve got three awesome guest posts lined up for the next three weeks.  Look for them on Wednesdays!
  4. I’ve also got a surprise for you all on Thursday and will be needing your participation 😉
  5. I was actually able to sleep for a whole night in my bed last night (I usually move to the spare bedroom when the big guy starts snoring).  It’s either because I was sleeping on my left ear and couldn’t hear anything out of my right one, or because I’m just plain tired, or because my hormones have stabilized enough to allow me to sleep well.
  6. My brother wants to make some key lime white chocolate chip cookies.  They.  Are.  Going.  To.  Be.  YUMMY!!!!.
  7. I brought my son with me to my appointment this morning.  He was absolutely awesome!  We ended up waiting 45 minutes before it was my turn and he passed the time by reading his books out loud (so cute!), playing with his stuffed animal and observing everyone in the waiting room.
  8. We finally started watching the third season of Game of Thrones.  I got sucked right back in!
  9. We had another snow storm last Saturday.  Did I mention that I was sick and tired of winter?  I mean, come on, we’re almost in April and we’re still getting temps in the low teens (Celcius 😉 ).
  10. Ooooh!  We’re going out to buy some rain boots for Charles this weekend (because spring *is* going to come eventually, right?.  They’re going to be sooooo cute!

How was your Tuesday?


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

15 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: Eat & Sleep

  1. Enjoy that month off work, you definitely deserve to rest up!
    You have so many exciting things coming up! I have to admit, I am very jealous that your brother is making key lime white chocolate chip cookies – they sound amazing! Enjoy them!

  2. I’m so glad you’re going to be able to recuperate, Sophie! You have been hit HARD this winter!! 😦 Take care of you and those babies (the one in AND the one out) 😉 XO
    I’m looking forward to your guest posts and whatever happens on Thursday!

  3. I’m so glad you got some sleep! And your son was so “good” at the doctor’s! May this month be a month of getting that body back on track! If it helps, I’m pushing through this winter right along with you. Snow from October through March (perhaps longer) is definitely a marathon.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are still not well 😦 But yay Game of Thrones. Season four starts soon 🙂 When cool people meet Sansa they will make a comment like “I’ve read all about you” LOL

      1. No, I just watch, I am waiting until it’s over to read the books. DH does both and has all the books as well. Come on girl. We don’t have hbo! We watch it streaming via couch tuner. Why wait when you don’t have too? Lol

      2. Oh, sorry! We are actually cancelling the cable but I would die without my internet. How do you blog with no internet? On your phone?

      3. Go to couch tuner and you can watch any tv show streaming. It’s awesome! You can watch movies streaming at yifi (even ones still in the theater). Good luck.

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