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Reblog Friday: Why We Are Giving Our Son A Doll

I have been searching for a doll for Arlo’s first birthday. I contemplated whether I would write this post, it’s a personal choice and at the end of the day, a doll is just a toy. Who cares if they are typically considered a “girls” toy. I decided to go ahead and post this because dolls are great toys and maybe there are parents out there who haven’t considered buying a doll for their sons – so, this post is for you (and any other parent who is interested in why I think dolls are great toys).

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I came across this post earlier this week and just had to share it.  It is written by Kerry one of my favourite bloggers.  She is an Australian living in Thailand with her husband Sid and son Arlo.  You can find her blog here.  I really suggest you hop over and give it a read.  I’ve never thought of buying my son a doll because, well, he’s a boy.  I’d just never given it any thought.  But after reading her post, I totally get how beneficial it could be to his development.

Have you ever thought of buying your boys a doll?  How do you feel about it after reading Kerry’s post?


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15 thoughts on “Reblog Friday: Why We Are Giving Our Son A Doll

    1. Another great point! I think it would be an awesome idea to get my little guy a doll. I mean, he is going to be a big brother in a few short months and he has no idea how much his world is about to change. He’s so used to playing with big kids (3 & 4 year olds at his daycare) that I have no idea what his definition of “gentle” is.

      1. I think it helped the boys a lot. How old is he going to be when the new baby comes? Mine were 15 months and 14 months so I found a doll was a great way to introduce the concept of baby

      2. He’s going to be 21 months when the baby arrives. I think it may help make the idea a little more concrete for him ’cause right now, when I point to my belly and tell him mommy’s baby is in there, he just laughs and points at his belly.

  1. I didn’t really have to think much about this because my son just plays with all of my daughter’s dolls. I put her “My first dollhouse” in his room months ago since she has outgrown it and he loves it (he’s 2.5). I bought a purple shopping cart with food in it for him one day from Target because he loved it and when I texted my husband a pic of him and the cuteness, his reply was “he needs that” I think it is such nonsense the whole “girl toys/boys toys” He loves baby dolls. shopping carts, doll houses, trucks, trains, balls, dressup…all of it. It shouldn’t even be something we have to think about, wonder if it is okay, or justify. My daughter is experiencing this in school now as a kindergartner. She’s been coming home saying she likes “boy things, boy toys, boy games” and each time I have to go through speech #15 on how she can do anything, play anything, that girls can do what boys do, etc etc.

    1. I totally agree with you. Actually, the only reason we have “boy” toys and no “girl” toys is because he’s the first child in our family and most of our toys have been gifted to us. We just never thought of introducing other types of toys.

  2. Thanks for reblogging this and it’s great to read from the comments that other parents feel the same. I actually thought of you when I wrote the part about it being a great way to help a new big brother feel like they are participating! Do you think you will get a doll? How would your husband feel?

    1. I’m really thrilled with the positive feedback both on your blog and my reblog.

      I’m definitely getting him a doll! I’m actually looking around for one online now. I might actually bring my son to the store with me and have him pick one. I’m sure my husband will be a little weirded out at first, but I know he’ll totally understand when I start explaining how positive a doll could be for the little guy, especially seeing as he’ll be a big brother in a few months.

  3. I didn’t have to buy my son a doll because he plays with his sisters’. It’s great for him to look after something, wheel it around in a pram, etc.

    1. I’m certain that if I’d had a daughter first, I wouldn’t even be going through this thought process. I mean, a toy is a toy and I’m not planning on limiting my children towards “gender-appropriate” toys. Thanks for your input!

      1. My son wears lipstick, hair clips and nail polish. He doesn’t know or care that boys don’t normally do this. He just has fun with his sister!

  4. We bought a doll for my son before my daughter was born, he named the doll Baby Kate (we knew our daughter would be named Kate). One of the kids at preschool made a comment about dolls not being for boys once and I explained that boys can love baby dolls the same way a daddy loves his baby in real life. Got a thumbs up from the teacher on that one. 😉 He eventually outgrew the doll, but then again, so has my daughter.

    1. You’re not the first to comment that you bought your son a doll as preparation for the arrival of a new baby. I think it’s an excellent idea. Now, if I could only convince the hubby…
      Thanks for your input!

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