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A Little Trinkle

I’m thinking of investing in a potty.

I wasn’t planning on it.  I always figured I’d wait until my son had the words for “pee” and “poop” so that he could ask to go to the potty.  Actually, I figured I’d do the three-day potty training during spring break 2015 or summer 2015.

The thing is, though, my son peed on the floor again this evening and some of my neurons connected.

Ok, maybe I should rewind a bit and explain what my son was doing sans diaper.

You see, Charles likes his routines.  He likes to know what to expect.  One of his favourite parts of bath time is when he gets out.  That’s when I wipe him down and then wrap his torso in a towel and call him my little Greek god.  He just beams and walks proudly out of the washroom in his “toga” to see his dad.

Then, if I don’t catch him in time to put his diaper on, he generally finds a place to squat down and leave a little puddle of urine before continuing on with his business (namely trying to get away from me so I can’t catch him and get him ready for bed).

So, why the potty?

I realized today that his bath lengths vary considerably.  Sometimes he’s in the tub five minutes before signing to me that he is all done, other evenings he can play and play for 45 minutes before being ready to move on to the next part of his routine.  But each time, invariably, he ends up peeing on the floor if I don’t get a diaper on him within two minutes of getting him out of the tub.

Besides, what do I have to lose?  We’re going to have to invest in a potty sooner or later anyways so it’s not like I’m going to be buying something that won’t be useful somewhere down the line.  Plus, there are some people that do elimination communication (or EC) as early as the newborn days, so I suppose it makes sense to give partial potty training a go at 16 months.  Also, he’s already gotten used to waving bye bye to his flushable liner when I’m done changing him (of course, he also likes to wave bye bye when his father or I use the toilet too :D.  I figure that I can start out slowly and encourage him to use the potty when he’s done with his bath and see where things go from there.

Make sense?

Care to share your potty training experience?


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6 thoughts on “A Little Trinkle

  1. Good luck! Holding pee is supposed to be the first sign! I am living the potty training all too well these days. Pulling my hair out on a daily basis.

    1. Thanks!

      It’s good to know that holding pee is the first sign. Perhaps I’ll be able to get him to go when he wakes from his naps too as his diaper is very often dry after his afternoon nap.

      Best of luck with your potty training adventures!

  2. I followed their lead and timing. I had a friend recently tell me she was worried about sending her 3 year old to preschool because the child wasn’t potty trained. The well-seasoned teacher said, “Let’s try it.” So they did. And within two days the child was potty trained! Just a cute story. Have a good week.

    1. I think following their lead is key. I’m not planning on putting any pressure on him, just trying and seeing where it leads us. I DON’T want potty time to become a battle and definitely don’t want him to become afraid of going.

      Cute story indeed! Hehe, sometimes, it’s the parents that need a little pat on the back it seems 😉

      Take care!

  3. Clarke is the same with thriving on routine. We’ve used a potty since just before 6 months. I put her on it when she wakes up in the morning and after each nap. She pee pees diligently every time. There was a span of several months where I didn’t have to clean a poppy diaper (we use cloth). I knew her signs and got her on the potty before she did her business. It’s gotten tougher now, though, because she likes to hide behind the couch or pantry when she has to poop, and sometimes I don’t catch it in time. We are soooo close to learning the sign for potty. I don’t think it’s ever to early and your little one sounds like he is certainly ready! We have the Bjorn potty, btw, and love it. Good luck! x

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! My gut tells me I should give it a shot, but then my rational mind hops in and say “well, you know, usually a kid isn’t ready until closer to 2 years old and boys usually take longer than girls” :P.

      In fact, there are two things that bother me. 1. I work full-time so I wouldn’t be able to get him on the potty each time he needs to go – I’d only be able to when we were at home. 2. I’m afraid it’ll confuse him if he only goes in his potty after the bath and his nap instead of each time he needs to go.

      I would love to stop washing the poopy diapers too 😉

      I’ll look in to the Bjorn potty. It’s crazy, there are so many potties to choose from!

      Good luck with your little Birdie’s new potty training game.

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