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Our Trip to the Ecomuseum

Today, I decided to bring my son with me to visit the Ecomuseum zoo.  You see, now that spring seems to finally be here, he has been absolutely fascinated by the wildlife that he can observe through the various windows in the house.  He gets all excited when he sees birds and squirrels and such so I figured a zoo would be a great place to bring him.

He had a blast!

The ecomuseum is open throughout the year and allows visitors to see all of the wonderful animals (mammals and reptiles alike) that we can find throughout Quebec’s St. Lawrence Valley.  There are so many species to see and the site is quite large.


After paying my 15$ admission fee (my son got in free because he is under 2 years of age), we were immediately greeted by a man holding a small snake.  After assuring him that my son wasn’t afraid of snakes (I mean, we do have reptiles at home), he started talking about the snake to my son.  Even though Charles didn’t understand what the man was talking about, he was captivated and dividing his attention between the man and the snake.

After that, we went outside.  We saw a whole bunch of animals ranging from the snowy owl, to the common raven.  We saw an American porcupine, an arctic fox, raccoons, a white-tailed deer.

After walking outside for a good hour with the little guy (who was such a sweetheart; he held my hand the whole time as we went from animal to animal), we went back inside to see the fish, turtles, snakes and some rodents doing their thing in a nighttime setting.

When we were ready to leave, I let him choose a stuffed animal in the gift shop.  He was tired, but totally happy when we got to the car.


Of course, in the 15 minute drive that brought us back home, the little guy fell asleep.  Perhaps it had something to do with all the walking he did *whistles innocently*.



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13 thoughts on “Our Trip to the Ecomuseum

    1. It was indeed a great time out. It’s great that you were able to take Vinnie out to a petting zoo. He must have loved that! We’re planning on going to a more traditional zoo later on too (this summer).

    1. I’d love to bring my son to a farm where he could get up close and personal with the animals and pet some of them. I’m sure your two boys would love the zoo. There’s just something about zoos that attracts children. I know I have fond memories of going to one as a child and I don’t want Charles to miss out ;).

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