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Seriously? Basil!

Just a quick post this morning.

I’ve talked about my son’s food allergies before.  His dairy and flaxseed allergies are diagnosed and he is followed by a pediatric allergist to track their evolution.

However, the little guy has been having reactions to something else and we just couldn’t put our finger on it.  As it happens, most of his reactions would happen when he would eat chicken at daycare.  Except we tested for chicken and his allergy test came up negative (not to mention that he eats the stuff at home with no problem).

Eventually, we figured that he was allergic to a herb or spice.  Yeah, that’s helpful.  Companies aren’t required to list all the spices used in their ingredients so we had to go through some trial and error.

And yesterday, when he had another reaction at daycare (this time, he wasn’t eating chicken) we finally figured it out.  The culprit is basil!

His body’s reaction isn’t as strong as it is to dairy: just a few small hive spots here and there and the contour of his mouth becomes red (kind of like a clown face), but neither bother him.

But seriously, who in the world is allergic to basil?  LOL!  I didn’t even know that such an allergy existed (though, I figure I shouldn’t be surprised.  I mean, everyone’s immune system has the potential to react to anything I suspect).


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18 thoughts on “Seriously? Basil!

  1. Oh no – but a massive well done for working it out…been there when my eldest was little…with her it was banana but it took me an age to identify the culprit

    1. It’s hard to isolate the culprits, isn’t it? Dairy didn’t take too long (we pretty much figured it out when he started solids), but basil, I’ve been trying to work it out for about 8 months now. Is she still allergic to banana or is it one of those allergies that can disappear?

      1. I’ve never heard of it disappearing before but hers luckily has – it wasn’t a full-blown allergy like she had with egg (which luckily she has also outgrown) but instead caused a localised rash to her face. But it is linked to lots of other allergies like latex, avocado, kiwi etc so we have to be a bit careful. She also had allergy to mango but we haven’t explored that one again, so not sure whether that’s still an issue lol 😉 Kids, eh?

    1. It’s definitely hard. Luckily, his reaction to basil isn’t as intense as his allergy to dairy. But it still took us 8 months to pinpoint it!

      It’s frustrating not knowing exactly what they are reacting to. I hope you find your answers soon!

  2. No kidding! That’s amazing you were able to figure it out! I’m so happy for you–for us! Yay to Mamas and figuring shit out! Woot!

  3. Thankfully Thor has only had a very mild reaction to one food so far, apples. All it did was give him a tiny bit of a rash. So far so good on almost everything else. The doctor has suggested putting off a handful of foods more likely to give kids a problem until he is a little older. (so no nuts yet, no strawberries and no seafood until he is at least 3 and is old enough to tell us if he is having problems) We do have one strange allergy that for some reason runs on my side of the family to of all things oranges. Several members of my family cannot have oranges at all, I fortunately am only allergic to orange peel, but can drink the juice fine as long as the pulp is strained out. The doctor has of course told us to put off giving him orange juice until he is older too, to me that only seems logical.

    1. It’s great that Thor doesn’t seem to be reacting to anything other than apples. Though we’ve pretty much gotten used to it and it has becomes easier as the months have gone by, Charles’ food allergies still cause us a bit of trouble now and again.

      It’s funny how professional opinions differ with regards to what to do with food allergies. Our pediatrician pretty much lectured me on how I shouldn’t have given my son dairy or eggs (and how I didn’t follow the 3 day rule) as early as I did. The pediatric allergist, however, has told me that besides his known allergies, nothing was off limits. She told me to not be afraid to try other allergens (like nuts and such) just because he had known food allergies. Of course, we have an epipen in case anything goes south, which makes experimenting less stressful, so we’ve successfully tried nuts, seafood, strawberries and all.

      It makes sense to me too that the doctor would tell you to lay off the oranges until Thor is old enough to put words on discomfort seeing as the fruit seems to be a problem in your family. Plenty of other things to eat/drink anyway!

  4. Yeah it all makes sense, and I am thankful that so far Thor seems mostly ok. It’s always fun in this family working around everyone’s allergies. I’m the one with the most, but my hubby has the really strange ones. It makes grocery shopping an adventure.

  5. Glad you figured that one out! It is such a challenge! Professional opinions sure do differ on this one! I just don’t think our research is conclusive and so some just go off of speculation or what they were taught. Nebulous… Hope you are great! ~~Terri

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