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Write For Me Wednesday:

Today, I have a great guest post on travel with kids.  I was so eager to read this because I haven’t found the courage to bring my son along for a long-distance trip yet and this post doesn’t disappoint!

We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday… With Kids

It’s almost summer and you may be planning on taking a trip. Not everyone has a passport, so if you’ll be needing one, now’s the time to get it. But it’s not always smooth sailing from there on. You want to have the time of your life, and your kids do, too… but they’ve probably got other ideas about it.

Handling Your Money Worries

Saving for that dream trip was hard back before you had kids, now that they’re here? It can seem almost impossible! It’s tricky, but it can be done. Once you’ve got it altogether, you’re going to want to spend it wisely! There are some great deals out there, for example, Kayak is amazing, because it allows you to opt for comparing just hotels, airfare on its own, or a package deal. You can even get car hire!

When you’ve chosen where you’re venturing, you’ll need to order currency. As a rule, most countries are different, so do your research! Take credit/debit as back up, but remember, using ATMS or charging things overseas could be costly. It sucks but, if you get really stuck, you can ask people back home for help. Companies like Azimo allow you to receive money anywhere you find yourselves in the world!

The Resort

The last thing you want to hear when you’ve shelled out so much to take a vacation is ‘mommy… I’m bored’. Before you go, scope a variety of place out online, and read recommendations and check out candid (not just brochure!) pictures. Websites like Trip Advisor should help immensely with this. What are you looking for? If you’re less experienced, you’ll want to pick somewhere kid-friendly from the outset. Perhaps there’s a fun day-care where they can make friends? Or nearby attractions that cater to young people, too? They’re the sorts of places you want. Unless you’re going somewhere wildly obviously, like Disney Land. I can tell you now, without you even checking it out – your kids will LOVE it, and as a bonus, you will too.

Getting Over Plane Fears

If you’re taking an airplane, your kids might be a little afraid. In fact… you might even be a little afraid. Don’t be. Statistically, there’s almost zero chance of anything bad happening. Now of course, kids can’t unfortunately always be reasoned with by using facts! So the key thing you need to do is not to show your own fear. They’re perceptive, and you need to give them credit for that. A lot of fear of flying is enforced by others – it’s called ‘vicarious fear’. So keep positive, pack plenty of books, games, toys and snacks and make sure they’re way too entertained on their little adventure to worry!

Freaking Out About Health & Safety

‘Stranger Danger’ is scary as anything when you’re at home, but when you’re elsewhere? It can be heart-attack inducing! You want your kids to have a great balance, so if they’re interested in making new friends in exotic lands, that’s great – but make sure you’re there to supervise.

In terms of health, you’ll need to be completely organized. Take a trip to the Doctor way in advance of your vacation to pick up medication, epi-pens, asthma inhalers and anything else your kids – or you – are going to need. Check if you need shots, and get them, if need be. Yes, even at risk of tears and tantrums. Remember, foreign healthcare is going to differ to what you’re used to, so try and prepare yourself. Hopefully, you’ll never need know the difference, but if something does come up, just please, please check you have insurance to cover you.

About the writer

Kimberley Watson is an aspiring writer who loves the freedom it provides as an outlet. As a proud mother and wife, family always comes first, but she loves the little things in life, too. She attended the University of Manchester in the UK, and now enjoys nothing more than travel and seeing the world and all it has to offer. Including the food. Allll of the food! You can find her on twitter – @kim_watson25


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