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Ten Thought Tuesday: “Papa”

  1. I can’t believe I’ve got only (a little over) three months left before meeting Peanut.  It’s crazy how quickly time goes by.
  2. At times, I find myself both super excited and unreasonably frightened at the thought that our family is set to grow in September.
  3. My partner and I have a three-day us time planned at the end of June.  We found a wonderful-looking Bed & Breakfast that is super close to the old part of Quebec city.
  4. Now, we just have to let our parents negotiate to see who gets to babysit Charles when ;).
  5. My mom will be going camping by herself near the end of July for a week and I will most likely go and join her with Charles and perhaps my sister for a couple of days.  It’ll be great to let Little Dude discover new things!  Incidentally, has anyone ever gone canoeing while being very pregnant?
  6. Yesterday, our little perfectionist allowed us to hear him call his dad “papa” for the first time (it would seem that he’s been saying the word at daycare and at his grandparents’ house for a little while now).  Needless to say, the dada was very happy!
  7. So far, it seems like the weather next weekend will be as awesome as it was this past weekend.  I know a toddler who will be VERY happy about it.
  8. No TTT image at the top of the post today; I’m posting from one of the schools I work at and have a very limited access to my blog.
  9. I’m officially going to finish my tutoring for the year on June 10th and the private lessons I give on the 14th at the latest.  It will be great to have my evenings and weekends back.  You can bet that I won’t be working evenings or weekends again.  I find it too hard now that I’ve got a kiddo.
  10. This Thursday, I’m going back to the Children’s hospital with Charles for a follow-up with his paediatric allergist.  I’m planning on going by train.  He is going to be thrilled!  (Though he’ll probably be less thrilled with the skin scratch test and the 18 month vaccinations later that evening).


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4 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: “Papa”

    1. It really is a beautiful city. I’m eager to go back and see it. Glad that you guys are making the most of the warm weather as well! Haha, thanks for the luck wishes. For some reason, I keep seeing myself making the canoe tip as I ungracefully try to get in lol.

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