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Choo Choo!

Little Dude riding with his grandpa.

Little Dude has a fascination with trains.  Actually, he has a fascination with pretty much every type of vehicle.  After “mom”, his first words were “train”, “car”, “plane”, “truck” and “bus”.  Every time we go out on the road, I get a play-by-play of every single vehicle he sees on the road.

What’s great about his love for trains, though, is that there is a group of miniature train enthusiasts, the Montreal Live Steamers, who open their doors to the public on every first and third Sunday of the month and allow us to ride on their trains.  It is awesome!  The best part is that they are only about a 20 minute drive away from where we live.

My partner and I went with Little Dude a couple of weeks ago and he was so thrilled to see all of the trains that we decided to go again today.  We were super lucky because there were a lot of trains running today so we got to go riding three times during the short hour that we were there.


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