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Write For Me Wednesday – 4 Surprises from my Son’s Otherwise Standard Birth (Jocelyn’s guest post)

This week, I have another wonderful guest poster who agreed to share her birth story with all of you.  Jocelyn is the witty, talented and incredibly funny blogger behind The Home Tome.  She has guest posted for me before and I am so happy that she has accepted to do it again, this time helping me with my project of providing a multitude of different birth stories for expecting moms to read.

Enjoy your read!

4 Surprises from my Son’s Otherwise Standard Birth


My son (now 19 months) came into this world after a fairly standard vaginal birth in a hospital with an epidural. But there were a few surprises along the way…

1. Four days before I went into labor, my husband came down with a serious inner ear infection called labyrinthitis. This gave him a severe case of vertigo (i.e. he suddenly couldn’t stand up or go a few minutes without vomiting). I had to call an ambulance and we spent a scary night in the ER – we worried it was some kind of stroke or a brain tumor. Thankfully, it was neither of these. However, his dizziness and loss of balance would last for several weeks and even lingered to some degree for months – what a crazy way to become a new father. He was able to be by my side for the birth, albeit sitting in a chair. He was incredibly supportive and positive, despite the fact that his own world was rocking like a ship in a stormy sea.

2. My labor was 36 hours, from first contraction to birth. When I arrived at the hospital at 4 am, I had already been up all night and managed 12 hours of contractions – I assumed I was at least 4 or 5 cm dilated. Alas, I was only one centimeter. Because I hadn’t slept and wasn’t progressing too quickly, my OB ordered some morphine so I could get some rest. Already feeling guilty enough about wanting an epidural (hey, I was scared), I resisted this at first – I didn’t want this drug to cycle through my little guy even if it would supposedly be out of his system when he hit prime time. But I agreed and it was the right decision – I was able to relax a bit and I also experienced a hilarious and very specific physical sensation – my hands felt huge, like they were the size of bed pillows. Go figure. My husband and I laugh about my Big Hands to this day.

3. Because I was so nervous about the birth (even knowing that I’d get an epidural – hey like I said, I was truly terrified), we hired a doula from Northeast Doulas ( to help us through the process. This was especially fortuitous, considering my husband’s wobbly state. Lauren Porte Schwardsfeld was exactly as supportive as I was hoping. What I didn’t expect was how much she was able to decrease the intensity of contractions (pre-epidural) through massage. The way she put pressure on my lower back and hips during the rough parts was nothing short of miraculous. She. Is. An. Angel. She helped me manage the pain and the fear – this allowed the labor to progress naturally; without her, I suspect I would have gone the way of a C-section. If you think you might need a little extra support, I recommend a doula, whether you are aiming for a drug-free birth or not.

4. Unlike the movies, I didn’t embrace that “bonding” moment with my son the second after he arrived. Nope, I had just pushed for two hours – a physical exertion well beyond anything I’d done as a lifelong athlete. I was exhausted and disoriented. When they put him on my chest, I was like, “No, no, not ready.” Ha! The nurses must have had a good chuckle over that – after all, who is ready for this crazy adventure called parenting? No one. But when it’s time, it’s time: we snuggle that child, we coo, and – dizzy as we may be – we stumble into the wildest and most wonderful journey of all.

Thanks again Jocelyn for sharing your birth story with us!

Would anyone else like to share her birth story?


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

7 thoughts on “Write For Me Wednesday – 4 Surprises from my Son’s Otherwise Standard Birth (Jocelyn’s guest post)

  1. Thanks again Jocelyn! It’s great to hear that a doula (and particularly the massage she provided) helped you during your contractions. I’m planning on trying massage this time around. And wow, I didn’t even know that morphine was something that could be offered to labouring women.

    1. Yup, morphine plus massage was a good formula for me. (I think morphine is only an option if they suspect that your delivery is a far off…? And I also know that it is not a choice everyone would make ideologically!) Highly recommend the massage. It relaxed me and eased the pressure in my pelvis and back big time! GOOD LUCK TO YOU THIS TIME AROUND – will look forward to hearing the news when you are ready to post!

  2. Your poor hubby!! I have had that kind of (inner ear-induced) vertigo before and WOW, it is such a terrible sensation!! 😦
    And I was like that with ALL three of my children – once they were each born, there was no immediate bonding. I was completely and utterly spent, especially with my third birth because it was super fast! I remember the nurse having to manual put my HANDS on the baby so that he could be on me safely. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing your experience, and thanks to you too, Sophie! ❤

    1. ha! it’s good to hear that you didn’t insta-bond either – that first moment is so crazy – a mix of relief and pain and exhaustion. Perhaps this is the case for many (maybe the movies got it all wrong…) And yes, my hubs was a trooper – it was pretty funny when he was trying to time my contractions throughout that night – dozing off, all confused, etc…Take care and bravo – 3! wow! 🙂

      1. “insta bond” – I love it!! No, none of that for me, but once we were home and life continued (away from all the medical stuff), the bonding began. ❤

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