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“Shhhhhh” Toddler Style

With a new baby around the house, we’ve introduced the concept of “shhhh” to our toddler.  Of course, being a toddler, he has a limited (but oh so cute) understanding of what it means.  Take, for example, this conversation that occurred between my son and I yesterday evening:

Charles (tiptoes towards Amélie’s room): mommy

Me: yes, Charles

Charles (points towards his sister’s room): baby sleep

Me: yes Charles, Amélie is sleeping

Charles (brings his index finger up to his lips): shhhhhhh

Me: yes, Charles, shhhhhhhh, we have to be quiet

Charles (claps, pushes a very loud and high-pitched squeal of pleasure and runs off towards the living room to play with his toys)


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

15 thoughts on ““Shhhhhh” Toddler Style

  1. Mine is six, and he still wakes his sister in the morning. It never ends. Yours is cuter, though, my kid just screams “MOMMY, CAN I HAVE SOME CHEERIOS?” down the hall from directly in front of her door.

  2. Trop cute!!! De toute façon, nous ( les grands-parents) le trouvons parfait notre petit-fils… Tout ce qu’il fait est cute… même s’il réveille sa soeur… qui elle aussi est parfaite d’ailleurs:)

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