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Dear Amélie,

I know that you have spent the better part of your existence inside the womb and that the outside can be confusing, so allow me to give you a few pointers on how things work out here.

  • When I swaddle you, it’s not for you to attempt Houdini-like escapes only to get pissed off when you’re unsuccessful (which, admittedly, doesn’t happen very often).  In fact, it’s to help contain your Moro reflex so that you (and I) can sleep.
  • Speaking of sleep, being rocked isn’t supposed to be an overstimulating activity that keeps you awake and a brightly lit living room with a toddler screaming (from joy or anger) and running around isn’t supposed to be conductive to sleep (though I’m certainly not going to complain that you manage to fall asleep in that environment).
  • Nursing time isn’t supposed to be guzzle-down-my-milk-ASAP-and-then-proceed-to-spit-up-and-have-the-hiccups-for-15-minutes.
  • When I put you up against my shoulder, it isn’t an invitation to work out you neck muscles.  It’s to burp you so that we might skip the spitting up part of your nursing routine.
  • Alternatively, the whole point of putting you on your tummy after diaper changes is 
  • By the way, you are allowed to poop in a wet diaper.  Seriously, you really don’t have to wait until the moment where I have just finished swaddling you after changing your diaper to poop.
  • I don’t mind that you prefer to sleep on your side or tummy and am happy to indulge your preferences during your daytime naps because I can keep an eye on you, but during the night, I would really, really like it if you could stay on your back.

There, I hope that clears up a few things for you.

Love you to bits,



Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

14 thoughts on “Confused

    1. It’s crazy how different she is from Charles with regards to nursing. Whereas he would nurse for 30 minutes on each side in the early weeks, it takes her about 5-10 minutes to drain one breast and she generally refuses the second one.

      It’s amazing how a second (or third) baby allows us to be less stressed out about certain things. With my son, I always made sure he was lying on his back and got super nervous the one time my FIL put him on his tummy for a nap (nervous enough to go ahead and flip him on his back). This time around, I figure there’s no harm in letting her nap however she’s comfortable.

  1. Welcome to the world of girls and just how different each baby can be, even when they share the same genetics. My baby girl is the opposite of my son in EVERY way. Knowing this has helped me figure her out a bit, but it’s still a work in progress.
    I hope you can figure each other out soon so you can get some sleep! (May you not have my experience of her not sleeping through the night until she was 18 months old!)

    1. It’s fascinating to see how different my two little ones are. It’s good that you noticed that your daughter was the complete opposite of your son, I think that the second time around, it’s somewhat easier because we are able to notice our little one’s quirks (by comparing to our previous child/ren) more quickly.

  2. Ah, I remember the newborn days! I used to get snuggles a lot back then, and my daughter is just now starting to snuggle again (at 14 months), although it’s only for about five minutes a day.
    So glad the swaddling/nursing stage is over and she can actually let me know how she wants to sleep and when she’s full! What a world changer to be able to communicate with the little munchkins!

    I hope your little Amelie finds the comfiest way to sleep so you can both get much needed rest!

    1. I agree, it *is* easier when they get older. Our 21 month old needs his routine and is down for his nap and bedtime at roughly the same time each day (even when he goes to his grandparents’ place and they try to keep him up later he tells them that it’s sleep time).

      So happy to hear you’re getting snuggles again!

  3. Do you think she’ll listen better now or when she’s 16? 🙂
    Spit up. I need to remember to not wear black due to spit up show up. On the other hand, black is slimming…Oh what to do!
    Hope she sleeps well tonight for you!

  4. Quelle belle photo de notre beau Charles aux grands yeux qui embrasse sa petite soeur. Essaie de dormir pendant la journée si tu le peux. Ta petite souris Amélie comprendra bientôt j’espère. Gros câlins pour toi. xoxoxoxo

    1. Il est en amour avec sa petite soeur. Il veut la prendre tous les jours et lui donne toujours un bisou avant de partir pour la garderie et avant de se coucher le soir.

      J’arrive quand même à me reposer un peu pendant la journée.

      Je t’aime.

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