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Love & A Shrinking Baby

Yesterday, we went to Amélie’s 2 week check-up.  Besides a leaky eye (she’s got a blocked lacrimal gland, but we’re working on that) she’s doing great.  Not only has she regained her birth weight, but she has surpassed it (we’re talking a 300g/8oz gain) weighing in at 7lbs 6oz.  Yup, the little lady is a champ nurser.  Of course, she has also grown, but I don’t know by how much as her hospital records put her birth length at 51cm and her 2 week measurements put her at 50cm *scratches head*.  Hehe, that’s what happens when your baby is measured with a tailor’s tape measure on an overbooked and understaffed day I suppose ;).

On another note, Charles is deeply in love with his little sister.  At least once per day, when I’m holding his Amélie, he comes up to me, taps on my nursing pillow, outstretches his arms, points to his sister and says “that”.  Translation:  I want to hold the baby.



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11 thoughts on “Love & A Shrinking Baby

    1. I know! My heart melted when I first heard him call her “that”.

      He actually refers to his little sister three different ways. When he hears her, she’s known as “baby”. When he tries to say her name, it comes out as “Lee-lee” and when he wants to hold her, she becomes “that”. LOL

  1. Quelle super belle photo! Nos petits-enfants sont absolument charmants. Félicitation à vous deux pour la sensibilité que vous démontrez. xxx

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