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What the Heck?

Watching Cars on my computer after I brought him home early from daycare.

Warning: the following post is a rant.

Let’s play a game shall we?

The papa of a sick child with mysterious symptoms that include raised red blotches all over his body that are hot to the touch calls his pediatrician’s office.  What happens?

He gets told to either make an appointment for three days later, go to a walk in clinic or go to the emergency room of a hospital.

What the heck!?

The mama of a sick child with increasingly mysterious symptoms that include raised red blotches all over his body that are hot to the touch and a low fever calls the free health hotline to try to figure out what’s going on and if the child can wait a few days before seeing a doctor.  What happens?

She gets told to monitor said child’s condition and if symptoms get worse, to go to the pediatrician’s office, a walk in clinic or the emergency room of a hospital.

Sound advice

The mama and papa of an increasingly irritable child with increasingly mysterious symptoms that include raised red blotches all over his body that are hot to the touch, a fever of 103F despite the administration of Tempra an hour previously, loss of appetite and the inability to walk because it hurts decide that it’s time to pay a visit to the local walk in clinic.  What happens?

When the dada arrives with said child, he is told that the schedule is full.  He is told to go to the hospital emergency room if he wants his child to be seen

What the heck!?

The dada drives to the nearest hospital with his child.  What happens?

The triage nurse tells him that he shouldn’t be there with his child,but should have driven an extra half hour to the nearest children’s hospital.

What the f*cking heck!?  Can someone please tell me why the heck i have to give 3500$ in income taxes to our province’s healthcare system if no one is willing to see my 22 month old?

Luckily, she decided that since my son was there, he should probably be treated.


The doctor didn’t know what he has.





We’re seeing the kiddos’ pediatrician Monday for Amélie’s 1 month appointment.  We’re planning on bringing the toddler along so that we can maybe get an answer to the “what does he have” question.

After some intense googling, my partner and I are starting to think it’s hives.  Anyone else want to wager a guess?

This morning.
This morning.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

18 thoughts on “What the Heck?

  1. As the dad and a accountant (I have my CPA), I have calculated every penny that goes from my pocket and from my employer to healthcare.
    200$ Health contribution paid annually when I produced my tax income report
    3500$ (50% of 7000$ taken out by Quebec government of my 55k/year pay)
    2000$ (a tax paid on my salary by the employer that goes to healthcare services its an average of 3.5% of my salary!)
    5000$ (Health insurance paid 50-50 by me and my employer for healthcare (drugs,doctor (if private) and other health stuff). That doesn’t include the dentist at all neither the optometrist or the hospital fees (except private rooms extras). This fee is for my family.

    My partner does have all the above except the insurance (200+3500+2000 = 5 700$.

    For a total of 16 400$ of my money goes to healthcare per year! THAT’S insane, especially when our TV news are telling (zealously) that healthcare its free!

    Well sorry honey to have highjacked your post, I DO enjoy read all your posts 🙂

    Folks in the US, can you please tell me what I can get for insurance at a premium of 16k per year? I would love to know if what I pay is cheap or not, after all we are both non smoker, healthy below 30years old folk with 2kids without any sickness known…

  2. Poor little man! Looks like hives. You can get those from virtually anything. Sucks as a mom to watch. Our ped has told us that baby benedryl or other children’s anti-histamine is safe for children under 2 in the right dose. Google the dose for your kiddo based on weight. If you’re not comfortable with benedryl push fluids because the thought is once the body processes whatever is causing the reaction the hives will disappear. Watch for increased reaction and breathing difficulty but I’ve personally had hives for up to 8 straight days.
    I know the post was meant as a rant, but I thought maybe all of the above information might help.
    Hang in there momma!!

    1. Thanks, your insight is definitely appreciated!

      We actually did give him some Benadryl ( always have some on hand as he’s had issues with allergic reactions to food), but it’s not seeming to have any effect – grrrr.

      I’m starting to really think it’s hives as we’ll. here’s to hoping it doesn’t last too long.

  3. I’m not sure it looks like hives, especially if he is running a fever. The rash looks similar to fifth disease, which is common in kids that attend daycare, but something there isn’t a shot for. Best to treat the fever, and assume allergy until the doctors say otherwise though.

  4. I’m so sorry about your experience. 😦 Things like that are SO frustrating!!
    I agree that it looks like it could be hives but is he itchy? In my experience, hives don’t hurt – they itch TERRIBLY. And if you’ve given an antihistamine and it’s not helping, it’s likely not hives.
    Samuel had fifth (hand, foot and mouth) disease in May and it did NOT look like that.

    My guess – and I’m certainly no doctor – is that it’s dermatitis from something he’s come in contact with (often times dermatitis doesn’t respond to Benadryl) and that the fever is from something else – perhaps from molars coming in or a virus? Joshua has had many mysterious rashes over the years, many of which have resulted in pediatricians guessing along with me at what they are from and how we should treat them. 🙄 Some have itched, some have hurt. Some have responded to steroid cream, others to Benadryl, and others to nothing at all! I hate rashes! lol

    I hope you get answers at the doctor tomorrow. ((hugs)) to all of you!

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Yes he is itchy. I’m thinking that he doesn’t have a word for “itch” and so labelled it “hurt” instead. The Benadryl actually did start to have an effect, but it took a while (like a lot longer than it usually does when he would have a reaction to something he ate). Now we’re giving him some every 6 hours and he is doing better for now.

      Since he just finished some antibiotics on Thursday, I’m thinking that it’s a reaction to the antibiotic (yay) and something else caused the fever (can’t be his molars though – all his teeth are in!).

      I agree, rashes suck. And it sucks when doctors aren’t able to pinpoint the cause and/or the treatment. Sorry you had to go through so much of them with Joshua.

    1. Might be a good idea to have the doctors check his ears, ear infections are good at sneaking up with a fever quite suddenly. I know it happened with two of my older kids, fine at bedtime and woke up with 104-105 degree temps once from them. It does sound like antibiotics are a likely culprit if it is hives, they stay in your system for about 10 days after finishing them, and you can react at any point in that time. Allergies really bite, especially when you don’t know for sure at first what may have caused them.

  5. Our little guy had rashes constantly when he was around 2. We could never pin down a reason… he seems to have just grown out of it though, at 3. Hope your guy does too! Sending hugs. Xo

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