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Whose Glass Is This? (Aka: Glass Markers)

Sometimes, the best ideas are the ones that come to you in the spur of the moment.

We recently had some friends and family over for my sister-in-law’s birthday.  As is customary when one has guests, we offered drinks as they arrived.  In a very short amount of time, there were glasses everywhere and we quickly lost track of which glass belonged to who.

Since we don’t have an unlimited supply of glasses, we ended up washing them before supper.  Not that it’s a big problem, but, y’know, who likes to do the dishes when it can be avoided?  So I thought that there must be a solution.  I mean, wine glass markers have existed for years, but I’d never seen something to help identify regular glasses (though I’m sure something must exist, I didn’t want to spend any unnecessary money).

And then, I saw my table centerpiece and knew that I had found a solution: stained-glass paint.

The next evening, I grabbed all of our glasses (all 9 of them!) and fetched my paint kit downstairs.  Then, selecting 9 of the 10 available colors, I painted the bottom of each glass a different color.  I even had some fun and painted a smiley face on the bottom of three of the glasses, because, well, why not? 😉

P1000912There, problem solved.


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17 thoughts on “Whose Glass Is This? (Aka: Glass Markers)

    1. Awesome! I’m sure your girls will love it. Just make sure you find an appropriate solvent. I don’t know if it’s the case for all stained-glass paints. but the ones I had weren’t water soluble. I went to an art store and they sold me a small bottle of odour-free solvent.

  1. Excellente idée!… car avoir des verres de Spiderman, Batman, Cars, Cendrillon etc…ferait l’affaire… mais davantage pour les enfants:)

      1. Grand-père L avec un verre de princesse…..??? S’il choisit un verre qui le représente, je le vois plutôt en D’Artagnan le Mousquetaire….oui….

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