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Ten Thought Tuesday: October 28th 2014


  1. I’ve been having some trouble finding the time to blog lately mostly because baby girl has been napping very poorly during the day.
  2. This is why I’ve decided that it was finally the time to break out the EASY routine and work on teaching independent sleep.
  3. Of course, we’ve got the eat (E) and activity (A) parts down pat  Now, I just have to work on the sleep (S).
  4. After a few days of frustratingly little day sleep, my daughter is finally taking a nap in her room (she’s been sleeping for 90 minutes – woot!).
  5. We’ve got a busy week.  Besides it being Halloween on Friday (can’t wait to share a photo of the kiddos in their costumes!), Amélie has her two month shots tomorrow, on Thursday I’m starting band again (haven’t touched my flute in almost 2 years!) and on Friday, baby girl is going for her 2 month well check up).
  6. After my postpartum appointment with my obgyn, I have decided to explore the world of smoothies.  She kindly scolded me when I admitted to not taking any postpartum vitamins, but I can’t stomach the things (good thing she didn’t know I wasn’t taking any when I was pregnant).  I figure that I can get all of the vitamins I need out of real food.
  7. Right now, I’m working on figuring out which vitamins I should focus on given that I’m breastfeeding and finding which foods pack the vitamins I need (also experimenting with flavour combinations 😉 ).
  8. The one thing that’s annoying me is that I’m using a food processor to make them.  Besides the fact that I have to remove the blade before removing the container and that the opening to the container has such a large diameter (and no spout) that it’s nearly impossible to pour the smoothie in my glass without losing half of it on the counter, it’s also a pain to clean all the parts and it doesn’t take care of ice and frozen fruits as well as I would like.  I’m thinking of investing in a good ol’ blender.  Any suggestions?
  9. Now that the content of Netflix Canada is better, we’ve decided to go ahead and subscribe to it.  I have been having a lot of fun going through the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.  So many memories for the geek in me!
  10. I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  My little sister turned 23 last week, my daughter is going to be 2 months tomorrow, my son 2 years old next month, I’m going on 30 and baby brother is going on 20!  What, seriously?  I remember holding him in my arms when he was fresh out of the oven!


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10 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: October 28th 2014

  1. We did the EASY routine with all 3 of our kiddies, kinda loosely if I’m honest, but still sorta??!! Making any sense?! It definitely seemed to help get ours into a good nap routine during the day. My eldest boy napped right up until he started school and my 3 year old and 2 year old are still taking good 1.5 – 2 hour naps daily!

    1. EASY saved my sanity with my son. I tweaked it as well with him and am tweaking it with my daughter to accommodate the appointments and daycare run. I think it definitely helps with getting them into a healthy napping routine.

  2. Blender: Osterizer–/grandmas-osterizer-and-how-to-clean-it/.
    I don’t take a general supplement either. However, I am acutely aware that, although the baby may get what she needs, those vitamins and minerals have to come from somewhere–ME. So if I am marginal in areas, my body will suffer eventually. Like calcium and vitamin D for me (no dairy and northern latitude, which isn’t as northern as you!). There are other areas too, like iodine. Choose foods well.
    What is the EASY routine?–Terri

    1. I’m not worried about vitamin D as I give my daughter D drops once a day while nursing her. It’s systematically prescribed to each breastfed baby in Quebec. As for the rest, I plan on meeting with a dietician (the same I went to see when I removed dairy from my diet while nursing Charles) to make sure I get the most out of the food I eat.

      Oh! And I found an Osterizer! I’m picking it up on Friday. I figure that a 20$ investment will allow me to see if I really do want to go through with daily smoothies or not 😉

      EASY is an acronym that stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your time. Basically it is a predictable sequence of events for baby. This means that after feeding your baby, you have an activity time (diaper change, tummy time, looking at a picture book…) until she starts to show signs of tiredness. Then, you do your nap routine and put her down for a nap. The idea is for baby to not associate nursing with the means to fall asleep all the time (I only nurse to sleep before bedtime). With Amélie, we usually have about a 15 minute nursing session (tops), then about an hour of activity. After that, we start the nap routine and we aim for a 60 to 90 minute nap where her wake up time will coincide with the time she should be nursing again (so if she nursed at 6 am she should be nursing around 9 am the next time around). Make sense?

      1. I hope you love your Osterizer!
        Good to know about EASY. Luckily, my last three have dictated their routines nicely and they worked well for us all. The hardest part is having older kids in activities which interrupt naps/schedules and that makes the baby fussier. 😦

  3. I actually have both a smoothie maker and hand held blender. I much prefer the hand held blender both for cleaning and getting the job done providing there’s no ice. For ice I use the smoothie maker. 🙂

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