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A Mystery & Other Random Thoughts

I know, I know…I already did a random thoughts post on Tuesday, but I have more to share!

First the mystery: this is the second time in as many weeks that I’ve left the house to drive Little Dude to daycare with the garbage bin at the end of my driveway waiting to be emptied and have come back to it empty and back in its place beside the recycling bin at the other end of my driveway.  Since both my brother and partner have assured me that it was not their doing, I’m forced to assume it is either the work of a kind neighbour or a poltergeist who happens to be the black sheep in his family.  I’m thinking it’s a poltergeist.

Baby girl is sleepy, cuddly and irritable today, but that’s because she had her two month vaccinations yesterday.  She would have undoubtedly slept through the night (from 7:30 to at least 6:30) had I not chosen to nurse her at 5am after having been awoken by some engorgement issues…  She seems to be reacting well though, the injection sites are neither red nor swollen and she has not run a fever.

Tomorrow is Halloween (duh!) and if the weather’s ok I’m thinking of going out and walking with the little guy so that he can see the trick or treating kids.  I’m not ready to allow him to go and pick up candy though.  When did you first allow your kids to go ask for candy on Halloween?

I’ve found an old Osterizer blender for sale in my area!  I’ve contacted the seller and am going to pick it up tomorrow after baby girl’s 2 month well checkup.


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4 thoughts on “A Mystery & Other Random Thoughts

    1. It’s nice that your church organized something! We’re planning on taking a walk so that the little guy can release some pent up energy and have a look at all of the costumed people. He’s likely to find the situation very amusing…or very scary – I never know with him.

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