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Happy Birthday “Two” You!


Sorry for the play on words, but it was just “two” easy (oh, there it goes again!).

You see, over the weekend, my charming son turned two.  TWO years old!  Really!?!  How did that happen?

While he went to his swimming lessons in the morning with his dad, I was able to finish up the decorations and most of the sandwiches for the buffet under the watchful eye of the littlest one.

Are you sure you're making those sandwiches right, mama?
Are you sure you’re making those sandwiches right, mama?

When little Dude got home and saw the dining room, he got SUPER excited.  He kept repeating “cars” over and over again in the high-pitched voice only a toddler boy can master.

And then, the guests started to pile in.  Besides the fact that his uncle and girlfriend were already at the house, both sets of grandparents, both of his aunts, one set of great-grandparents and two of our friends with their adorable 18 month-old arrived within half an hour.  Between the intriguing wrapped boxes and all the people in the house, the little guy was beyond happy!

IMG_5260And then, once the adults had had their fill of food, it was decided that it was time to take out the cake.  I sat Charles in his chair, lit the candles and we sang ‘happy birthday”.  As we were singing, he looked unsure whether he wanted to laugh, cry or hide so he decided to compromise and do all three at the same time.

IMG_5330Afterward, he put his game face on and had fun unwrapping his gifts.

Because sticking out the tongue is the best way to concentrate.
Because sticking out the tongue is the best way to concentrate.

Of course, everyone who was there got a hug and kiss from the very happy birthday boy.

IMG_5397Then, well, since all good things must come to an end, it was time for Charles’ nap.  And so, the party ended.

It was great fun and Charles had a blast.  It was wonderful to see him enjoy himself and be aware that everything revolved around him that day.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

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