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The Potty Training Chronicles: Holy Regression Batman!

PT Chronicles finalOh wow.  What a morning.  Seriously, though Little Dude was up and out of his nighttime diaper at 7am, by 9:30am I was this -> <- close to throwing in the piss-soaked diaper.

So, what happened, you ask?  Well, I’m not exactly sure.  I mean, in the first four days, he did wonderfully.  We went from a toddler who didn’t realize that he was peeing to a toddler who was not only able to hold it in long enough to make it to his potty on his own, but managed to stay dry during his nap.

On day 5 (Christmas day) we decided to push the envelope further and keep him out of his diaper as we drove to my parents’ house (a 10 minute drive) for a morning family time.  At my parents’, we brought his potty and the progress continued.  Not only did he stay dry in the car, he even managed to keep his boxers and pants dry all morning and used the potty twice while at his maternal grandparents’ house.


After lunch, we drove to my in-laws’ house for the afternoon and evening.  Then, the plan was to leave the kids with them for the night (their Christmas present to us and them :D).  I was feeling super comfortable with this because Charles had been doing so well with the potty.  The afternoon went well for Charles, but he had his first accident of the day during supper.  Of course, take a new potty (my MIL buys everything for her house so that we don’t have to pack full bags for the kids when we go to her house) and a long refill-filled supper and it was an accident waiting to happen.  I didn’t think much of it though as Charles was only on day 5 of potty training.  I figure that 5 days into potty training, it’s normal for accidents to still happen.  Of course, a second accident happened a short while later, but Charles managed to successfully use the potty before we left for the night.

And then, he came back home on the 26th during the afternoon…

Besides coming back with a diaper, he was super clingy.  No wait, let me rephrase that, he was SUPER clingy all evening.  It was so out of character that my partner and I decided that Charles would go to bed at 6:30 instead of 7:00.  We assumed that he was tired because he had gone to bed too late the previous evening (and, I mean, who can blame the grandparents for keeping him up past his bedtime?).

Fast forward to this morning.  Charles did not want me to take off his diaper when he woke up.  He also wanted to be stuck to me all the time.  Seriously, if he could have physically gotten under my skin to stay with me at all times, he would have.  Then, he had accident on top of accident on top of accident.  Even on day 1 of potty training he didn’t pee as much.  Even on day 1 of potty training, he managed to land a few pees in the potty.  Right now, it’s as though we’re on day -5.  It’s as though he forgot every single thing he knew about potty training and then some.

And it’s so very frustrating, because each time he pees on the floor by accident, he starts crying and gets angry.  And each time, once he’s on the potty, his father or I give him a hug, tell him we love him and that accidents are ok and remind him that pee goes in the potty while we wipe the urine off the ground.

So I know that something must have happened while he was with his grandparents.  I just don’t know what.  I know that when I called yesterday morning, my MIL assured me that everything was ok.  But, when my partner came back from doing the groceries this morning, he told me that he had gotten into a row with his dad who told him that Little Dude wasn’t ready for potty training because he kept peeing everywhere at their house in the morning and he would cry each time they put him on the potty.  I know their not the kind of people to get angry at Charles for accidents.  I know that they didn’t yell at him.  But something happened and it probably seemed insignificant to them.  Charles seems to have connected two dots that weren’t meant to be connected.

Of course, the “something” can simply be the fact that he slept at his grandparents’ instead of sleeping at home.

Towards the end of the morning today, Little Dude was better.  After going through every single pair of boxers (10) he owns, plus two pairs of pants, he finally managed to make it to the potty twice before his nap.

Here’s to hoping things get better.

Did you ever experience regression during potty training?  How did you deal with it?


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14 thoughts on “The Potty Training Chronicles: Holy Regression Batman!

  1. “Regression” un grand mot, c’est plutôt un intermède, les dérangements des Fêtes, les gm&gp les agm&agp, les taties, le tonton, les cadeaux….et un petit rhume coulant….disons qu’il faudra mettre encore plus d’emphase sur les bons coups: ex: une chanson yé,yé,yé ???? Vous faites vraiment pour le mieux et je le sais, j’ai tellement apprécié les petits moments passés au côté de Charles, il est tout à fait charmant !!!!!!! A bientôt peut-être ???? gm

  2. Je dois dire comme Gisèle là-dessus , je crois que le mot intermède est plus indiqué. Vous faites tout ce qu’il faut de la bonne manière , il faut simplement persévérer. Ne vous questionnez pas trop sur les motifs , ce qui importe , c’est le “big picture” .

    Le petit a réussi tout un tour de force pour les 4 premiers jours et avec tout le branle-bas de combat des fêtes, il faut pas chercher trop longtemps là 😀 pour savoir ce qui s’est passé.

    Il est absoluement adorable!



  3. Il sera propre quand il sera propre… avec des hauts et des bas… L’important, c’est de ne pas avoir trop d’attentes quant au temps que ça prendra et la façon que ça arrivera (la séquence des accidents)… Enfin, c’est plus facile à dire qu’à faire… car c’est normal d’avoir des attentes même si on ne veut pas en avoir… surtout quand on voit qu’il y a amélioration. C’est certain que trop de changements rend ça plus difficile… mais, bon… Vous êtes d’excellents parents… et soit vous persévérez quelque temps ou vous prenez une pause et recommencez dans quelques mois… Une chose est certaine… Il sera propre avant de commencer l’école.

  4. Keep going! Behave like nothing nothing. We had two nearly three weeks of a couple of good day and then a bad day.
    Then one day i was ready to throw the towel in and go back to diaper he wasnt ready i told myself.
    The next day it just clicked. Keep doing what youre doing. Like i said it took nearly three weeks before he was dry in the day time. Even now nearly two months since we started he still has the odd accident due to excitement or being in a different place.

    1. Sorry for the delay in the response.

      It was good to know that such things are normal. I was just so floored when he had such a bad day that I didn’t know what to think. Things are better now.

      Happy New Year, by the way 😉

  5. Yes. Absolutely. For us, we did have periods of regression of fully potty trained children! Most often when we travelled (or moved). I don’t remember them lasting too long. It seemed my kids were sensitive to any change in environment, foods/drinks, and schedules when it came to potty habits. He’ll nail it soon! And I can’t wait to read about it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Terri. It really helped us get through the awful day. We were back to normal after three days (though each day got progressively better). Just about to post another update.

      Happy New Year!

  6. I think it’s normal. We had a set-back really early (and this was after the diarrhoea bug he had a week in!) but he passed through it. He still struggles a little bit with poo & every now & again we have a day or two of wee problems, but I think that’s something to do with needing to feel in control? It’s hard work but I’m assured it’ll be worth it 😉

    1. Nice to know that poop can still be a problem now and again even in a fully trained child.

      Having something to do with a need to feel in control…hum…definitely sounds like my son. I have to watch myself because when Little Dude does the peepee dance and I offer him to go on his potty, he always says no. If I put him on his potty anyway, he’ll yell and cry, get off as soon as he’s on and then pee in his pants as soon as they’re on. It has to come from him.

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