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Book Review: Gladly Giraffe

Disclosure: I do not get paid for reviews.  Though I received a copy of this book free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.


When I received an email offering me a chance to review a new children’s book, I, of course, couldn’t resist.  Gladly Giraffe, written and illustrated by a brother/sister team (how cool is that!), is a wonderful book and hits all of the right notes to make it a great children’s book.

First off, there is the fact that it is more like an illustrated children’s poem than a traditional story.  There is a good rhythm throughout most of the story which makes it easy to read and the rhymes only add to the story’s appeal.  The author quite obviously put a lot of time and effort and thought in the text.

Then, there’s the illustrations.  Just as expected from a children’s book, they accompany the text wonderfully.  When I read the story to my French-speaking toddler (I, of course, read it in English because the text was in English), he was always able to understand the big picture because of the illustrations.  Some of them are also quite silly and my son got a few giggles out of them.

Lastly, the story sends a super positive message by exploring the themes of friendship, helpfulness and gratitude.

All in all Gladly Giraffe gets two thumbs up from mommy and another two from Little Dude.

The book is available as an ebook or printed in hardcover or paperback format.  For more information, I encourage you to take a look at the book’s website.


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