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Ten Thought Tuesday…On A Wednesday


  1. Haven’t posted in a while, too many things going on.  I decided I could muster 5 minutes of free time to get on a write a bit.
  2. Amélie is now officially mobile.  She’s doing this sort of drag-crawl thing which is interesting to watch, but it gets the job done.
  3. Spring is now definitely here.  We’ve been enjoying some awesome weather, BBQed food, eating on the balcony and going out without coats.  Woot!
  4. Charles is pretty much fully potty trained during the day now.  We don’t have to sit him on the toilet anymore, he either asks to go or just goes.  When we’re busy, he goes on his potty by himself now and when we’re not he asks for help to get on the big toilet with the ring.
  5. We got his balance bike a couple of weeks ago and he’s been enjoying.  We ended up buying a Kinderbike Laufrad and are very pleased with it.  I am planning on writing a more detailed post on it soonish.
  6. I’ve discovered a new love for quinoa recently.  I’ve come to enjoy how versatile it is.  I really like it for breakfast, served warm in coconut milk with some cinnamon and berries.  How do you like your quinoa?
  7. Charles is so very clumsy.  If he doesn’t fall at least 5 times during the day, it’s a miracle.
  8. Tonight, we’re eating black bean and quinoa (because, why not 😉 ) burritos.  I’ve never had anything other than ground beef in tacos/burritos so I’m eager to see how everything will come together.
  9. We recently bought and Xbox One and I’ve been enjoying Dragon Age: Inquisition.  The only thing that annoys me is that we have to install the games onto the hard drive to play.
  10. I can’t wait to get our veggie garden up and running.  We bought carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers and snap peas as well as some herbs.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

4 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday…On A Wednesday

  1. Definitely can’t wait for more of your posts. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your quinoa. I’ve been wanting to try it, but sadly haven’t. As for Dragon Age: Inquisition, it looks awesome. I’ve played it for all of five minutes and watched others play it. Definitely look forward to buying it… Someday. lol.

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