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Ten Thought Tuesday – April 12th 2015


  1. I’ve got plenty of ideas for blog posts, but I’m finding it easier to shoot out random thoughts than to write a whole post these days.
  2. After three pretty decent nights of sleep, Amélie decided to wake up waaaay too often last night and get up waaaaay too early this morning.  I have no patience right now.
  3. I’m thinking that the terrible twos should be called the bipolar twos.  I’ve noticed that the terrible part of the twos comes in waves.  After almost a month of having a sweet toddler around, the limit-testing-attention-seeking-fake-crying version of my son has come back.
  4. Amélie has become super proficient in a short time at drag-crawling her was around.
  5. The trunk of my partner’s car won’t latch closed since Sunday.  Since the car dealership (his car is still under warranty) can’t see his car until Thursday, we’ve “fixed” it à la Red Green: with a healthy quantity of duct tape.
  6. Did you know that we were in the middle of pool safety month right now?  Look out for a guest post on the subject either this week or next.
  7. After a full week of beautiful warm and sunny days, Mother Nature has reverted back to cold rainy days.  Oh well, it’ll just make me appreciate the sunny days even more when they come back.
  8. Though we raise our children in French, we do teach them a bit of English here and there (so far colors and numbers).  Last week, my son realized that the colors he knew were represented by two distinct words, one in French and one in English.  He now uses his English words in French sentences.
  9. Amélie is now the proud owner of five teeth.  She’s currently working on a sixth tooth: a canine…
  10. Since last weekend was super busy because of Mother’s day, we didn’t get to set up our veggie garden.  We’re planning on setting it up this coming weekend.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

5 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday – April 12th 2015

  1. So many good thoughts! We got snow yesterday. Ugh. The flakes were as big as snowballs….. And your car trunk won’t latch–well, my back house door won’t either! Discovered that yesterday when I was going out in the snow to the store. LOL! I couldn’t get the thing to latch shut! Despite all amount of slamming, coaxing, and jiggling. Should get out the duct tape for that…..I love to hear stories of how children learn two (or more) languages. You’re so lucky to be fluent in both French and English.

    1. Snow?!? Wow that sucks! Oh yeah, you should definitely duct tape your back door. I tell you, that stuff is magical. Yeah, speaking two (or more) languages is pretty great. I hope my kids can be fluent in both later on.

  2. LOL, I can just picture the duct tape on his car!! 😛
    Sorry about the not-so-perfect behavior and sleep patterns going on. I hope they get resolved soon. XO It’s so cool that he’s learning French and English!

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