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Today, I Taught My Toddler the “F” Word

imageMakes for a catchy title, doesn’t it?  And it’s true…well, partially at least.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I mentionned that though Little Dude’s mother tongue is French, we have also taught him some English words which, until very recently, he never associated as having the same meaning as the French words he knows.  Encouraged by his breakthrough and interest in his language development, I decided to combine the color words he knows with other words he doesn’t know.

During the car ride from daycare to home, he pointed out all of the the busses, tractors, lights and fucks that he saw.

There were green fucks, red fucks, black fucks, dump fucks and pickup fucks.

No matter how clearly, or loudly I repeated the word “truck” he just kept saying it his way.  He probably just can’t pronounce the “tr” sound right now so he found a substitute sound.  I couldn’t help but stiffle a laugh every single time he said it and couldn’t help but wonder what others would think if they heard my little man use the word so confidently.

What words have your children mispronounced?


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13 thoughts on “Today, I Taught My Toddler the “F” Word

  1. LOL, Joshua did the same thing when he sang Old Macdonald had a Farm – chickens aren’t supposed to f**k, they are supposed to CLUCK! Bahahah

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