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Maybe I Should Just Try Benadryl

Usually, Amélie goes down for bed at 7.

Usually, after our short bedtime routine, I just pop her in her crib with a kiss, leave her room, close the door and spend the next 2-3 hours before my own bedtime picking up the house and having some me time.

Sometimes, she’ll be overtired and will start crying as soon as I put her down.  Usually, all she needs is for me to rub her back for about 5 minutes before she falls asleep.

But tonight, oh tonight.

It’s now 9:15 and she’s still not sleeping.  The dada and I have formed a tag team.  None of our strategies have worked.

Not one.

Rocking? Nope.

Walking? Nope.

Nursing? Nope.

Singing? Nope.

Holding? Nope.


I put her down, she cries.

I rub her back, she squirms.

I try to apply a bit of pressure on her hips to stop her from moving, she screams.

I pick her up, she puts her thumb in her mouth and puts her head on my shoulder.  *Yes!*


Ten seconds later she’s squirming, pulling my hair, pinching me, headbutting me.

I seriously tried everything short of giving her Benadryl to make her drowsy.  (I almost seriously considered it)

The last time the dada came up to take over, I all but threw her in his arms.

Then, I went outside, on the balcony and closed the door.


The dada managed to put her down, by the way.  It’s now 9:20 and she’s alseep…for now.

Dads are awesome like that.


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

8 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Just Try Benadryl

  1. Faut pas toujours essyer de comprendre les “pourquois” de ci et de ça ! L’important est que vous avez réussi à deux. Elle est chanceuse la ptite d’avoir d’aussi bons parents. Bon courage pour la suite.

  2. Pas toujours facile… surtout quand on a besoin du temps pour nous… pour relaxer, dormir… peu importe…Et oui, un enfant se fait à deux et on a besoin du papa pour nous épauler… J’espère qu’Amélie a bien dormi pendant la nuit et que son sourire du matin vous a fait tout oublier:) Lâchez pas les deux, vous êtes d’excellents parents!

    1. On dirait qu’ils ont le don de savoir quand on a besoin de temps pour soi et que c’est à ces moments-là qu’ils “décident” de changer la routine. Peu importe, les frustrations de parents sont toujours effacés au premier sourire de bébé 😉

  3. Sounds like our night last night! 2 hours of non-stop crying. She would only calm down (temporarily) when I would hold her. 2 nursing sessions finally got her to bed. Hopefully

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