9 thoughts on “Down to one nap…

    1. Rien de plus comfortable qu’un plancher d’ardoise, non? Remarque que la cuisine de maman est toujours réconfortante. Peut-être a-t-elle mélangée les mots réconfortant et confortable? Hihihi. Bisous grand-mère -xox-

    1. The hardest time for us is between 9 and 10am (which is when she used to nap). On the plus side, it usually takes about three seconds for her to fall asleep for her afternoon nap.

      Love the new look of your blog by the way!

      1. My baby, interestingly, has dropped her afternoon nap but not her morning nap! I remember it the other way around for my first three. So promptly at 10:30 am she wants to sleep and at 3 pm–no way! Thank you for your nice words about the blog. Slowly working on it!

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