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Oh How Things Have Changed

When I was a kid, by the start of December, I would usually be flipping through the Christmas special version of the Sears catalog.  I remember flipping through page after page getting excited by a whole bunch of cool-looking toys and gadgets.  I could spend quite a lot of time doing this.

A couple of weeks ago, we received a small booklet from a nearby toy and game shop with a whole bunch of really interesting…well…toys and games.  I was sure that Charles would get excited by it, but he flipped through it once and then moved on to other things.

Today, he looked at a set of flyers that I just couldn’t pry out of his hands to get him to bed.  He kept exclaiming at each page and pointing more than a few items.  He seriously spent a good half-hour pouring through the content, never tiring of turning the same pages over and over again.

Anyone want to gander a guess at what he was getting all excited about?

Yup, these are indeed grocery flyers.


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