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Potty Training Woes: Why I Always Want What I Can’t Have

I swear, these kids are going to drive me insane.

When I started potty training Charles, things went as expected.  He had accidents.  For the first two weeks, I remember questioning my decision to potty train in the first place.  I just wanted to stop having to mop the floors and spray the couch and wash piles upon piles of urine-soaked clothing.  Eventually though, he got the hang of it (and stopped having those horrible regression days) and he was officially day-time potty trained.

Now he’s almost four and still wears a diaper at night, which he wets 95% of the time.  Recently, I’ve found myself wanting him to be completely potty trained and be able to ditch the diapers altogether, but it seems his body just isn’t ready yet.

As you know, I started potty training Amélie over the weekend.  The first two days went without a hitch (meaning, they were hit and miss, but getting progressively better overall). Unlike the first time we tried potty training, the little miss didn’t get upset when she had an accident.  She would just announce it, get cleaned up and proceed to resume playing.  She told us when she needed to go, sometimes she made it, sometimes she didn’t sometimes she started to pee on the floor and managed to hold in the rest long enough to finish on the potty.

Then, something weird happened.

This one is a special kind of stubborn.

She started holding her pee for longer and longer periods of time, telling me that she didn’t need to go.  She would wiggle, tell me she had to go, sit on the potty for a while, then get up telling me she had no pee.  On Tuesday morning, her diaper was dry.  She thankfully peed in the potty after I gave her the iPad to play with, but she had held it it for 13 hours.  Then, at daycare she had an accident in the morning and had a huge pee in the potty after her nap (the sitter told me she’d never seen the potty so full!).  After that, nada.  Even at home, in the evening, she didn’t pee.  She pooped after supper, but that was all.  I put a diaper on her and put her down for the night.  I went to bed convinced that I’d have to make a trip to the hospital this morning because the last time I checked her diaper, at 11pm, it was still dry.

Luckily, when she woke up this morning, her diaper was full.  The only problem is, I have no idea when it happened.  She didn’t pee before going to daycare this morning, this despite sitting her on the potty with the iPad, then with a story and bringing her in the shower with me.  Seriously, at this point, I’ll take a pee anywhere.  In the car, on the couch, on the floor.  I just want her to stop holding it in so long and pee more often.

I’m not sure what to do.  She is obviously able to control her bladder, she isn’t afraid to poop on the potty like her brother was.  She sits on the potty on her own accord, but she just doesn’t go!  I’m at the point where I’m wondering if I’m not better off just putting her back into diapers.

Insight, suggestions, advice?


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7 thoughts on “Potty Training Woes: Why I Always Want What I Can’t Have

  1. Patience! patience, ne te mets pas de pression. Il n’y a pas de date absolue de réussite. Pauvre petite…elle est tellement adorable!!

    1. J’essaie. J’ai décidé de ranger le petit pot avec elle ce soir. Ça fait deux nuits que je dors à peine car je me demande elle va passer combien de temps à se retenir. Enfin, quand elle me dira qu’elle veut faire pipi sur le petit pot, je le sortirai. En attendant, c’est le retour aux couches.

  2. To me, I figure it’s all a trade-off. What’s my sanity worth? For me—a lot! So I let potty training go. I mean, I have to pace myself! I’ve got 18 years left of kids in my house! But I know you need those diapers!

    1. I’m working on a follow-up post to this actually. I ended up just letting go. We put the potty away together and I actually got some sleep! The next day, when she got back from daycare, she went and got her potty out. We’ve been alternating between panties, pull-ups and the potty ever since. She has control so if she wants to go in her pull-ups, she goes in those. If she wants to go in the potty, she goes in that. If she wants to wear panties, more power to her!
      Thanks for your input!

  3. I don’t know about the holding of the pee, but I will say my almost 4 year old is also still wearing a diaper overnight and it’s still wet… like MAJORLY wet sometimes, even if we have her pee right before bed. I think we’re a bit off from being trained overnight, but I’m ok with that seeming she’s all trained for during the day (we also had issues with her being willing to poop on the potty… thankfully that passed… finally).

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