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Touski Friday

Friday evening meals are always interesting.  Because Friday evenings (or Saturday mornings) are grocery times, Fridays are the days where we have odds and ends in our fridge.  Enter touski suppers.

Touski (short for tout ce qu’il reste) literally means “everything that’s left”.  So a touski is a meal that uses whatever’s left over in the fridge The whole point being to maximize what has been bought and minimize waste or forgotten items (it also provides a great opportunity to clean the fridge).

This week, some of the leftover items I had in my fridge included a red and green cabbage, some limes and a bunch of coriander (cilantro), a small ball of pie dough and some leftover chopped apples.  I also had a block of extra firm tofu and a single green pepper.

I decided to make a coleslaw with the cabbage and carrots and, using a bit of olive oil, made a lime and cilantro dressing to go with it.  I marinated the tofu in some rice vinegar and hoisin sauce (and added a touch of Sriracha sauce) and cooked a couple of nests of rice noodles to saute with the tofu and green pepper.  Then, I rocked out some mini apple strudels for some dessert.  The only thing that I was left with after all this was half of a green cabbage and half of a red cabbage.  Not too shabby!

What do you call a “touski” in your house?  Do you plan your groceries and every meal to a T or do you like to improvise sometimes?


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9 thoughts on “Touski Friday

      1. Je suis drôlement touchée par tes propos – je te serre près de mon coeur – je suis certaine que tu dépasses déjà mes qualités culinaires et si j’ai contribué à te motiver pour cuisiner en improvisant – j’en suis fière, merci Sophie.

  1. That’s awesome that there’s a word for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We call it “Clean out the fridge day” in our house, and we try to eat everything all up. It makes awesome meals!

    I only improvise. Go by feel as to what we’re eating. But I always keep a certain set of ingredients on hand that can really pull a meal together for us. Then, I try to shop for the main meal portion about once a week or twice a week. Plus, we have a deep freezer which is awesome!

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