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Polar Bear Bellies


I don’t know how things are at your house, but around here, Charles always seems to have his most important questions either when I’m on the toilet or driving.  A couple of days ago was no exception.

The conversation started out innocently enough.  Including Charles, there are five kids in his daycare.  He is the oldest and Amélie is the second youngest.  He was telling me that he was bigger than C, who is bigger than Amélie who is bigger than L who is bigger than A.  Now, given that I know that he likes his information to be precise, I decided to add that though his sister was bigger (taller) than L, she was younger than her (albeit only by a couple of months).

I.  Blew.  His.  Mind.

This brought upon a whole new realm of possibilities in his head.

“Is that true?!?”, he exclaimed.

“Yes”, I answered.

“Ok” [pause] “when will C (who is one year younger than he is) be older than me?”, he asked.

“She’ll never be older than you”, I replied.

Wait for it…


“Why?” he asked.


“Well, because when you a baby like Elliot, she was still in her mommy’s belly”, I explained.

Boom!  Mind blown.  Again.

“Mama polar bears can have babies in their bellies too, right?”, he checked

(because, of course, that was the only logical jump to make in the conversation)

“Yes”, I said

“And it’s just the woman polar bears who can have babies in their bellies, right?”, he questioned.

“Yup”, I answered

“And they need the dada polar bears to help them get a baby in their bellies, right?” he continued.

I wasn’t sure I liked where this conversation was going, but I answered anyways:


“How did you and daddy make babies together?”, he asked.

“Well, um, we went in our room and closed the door”, I said, hoping it would be enough.

“Ok”, he said, apparently satisfied.

The Zootopia song Try Everything played in the background as he pondered what he had learned.  After a few minutes, he was ready to pursue his interrogation.

“How does the baby come out of the mommy’s belly?”, he wondered aloud

(Oh sh*t!)

“Well.  The baby grows inside an organ called the uterus.  When the baby is ready to come out, the uterus contracts and pushes the baby out”, I answered whilst crossing my fingers hoping he didn’t ask where the baby came out from.

He didn’t.

“Does it hurt?”, he asked instead

“Well, it doesn’t hurt the baby, but it can be a little painful for some mommies, sweetheart”, I replied.

“Ok”, he said, seemingly satisfied.

Woah!  These birds and the bees conversations are getting more and more intense each time we have them.  I can’t help but wonder when the next one will come up and which questions will be asked!

Charles, master interrogator, comfortably seated in his favourite interrogation chamber.  Haha!

When did your kids start asking questions about pregnancy and birth?  How did you answer them?


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

19 thoughts on “Polar Bear Bellies

  1. Love this lol!

    My first child was present at her little brother’s birth, so we had been discussing how babies are born and watching videos to prepare. She was almost three at the time. I’ve made it a point to be very open about “babies come out of vaginas,” but we’ve yet to really discuss sex.

    My plan is to introduce it gradually, working backwards from birth. Babies are born this way, babies grow in the womb this way, babies start as eggs/sperm from females/males, and then finally rounding it all out with intercourse.

    1. First off, it is absolutely awesome that your daughter was present at her little brother’s birth! I’m kind of just going with the flow with all of this. Had he pushed his questioning further, I would have told him that babies come out of vaginas. I figure that they ask when they’re ready to hear. And I am right with you about being open with them!

      Sounds like a good plan to work backwards from birth. Thanks for sharing!

      1. My 5 year old asks these questions all the time too. When I was pregnant with #4, it was daily grueling interrogations. I have never been so glad to have had all c-sections. I just lifted my shirt and said, the babies came out through this scar. When he finds out that this isn’t the only way babies come out…. the horror!!

      1. Ohh definately!! Being a teacher also means I get crazy conversation every day from the roasters! Hahaha they are brilliant. Xx

      2. I’ve no doubt! You teach elementary level, correct? I get some pretty funny stuff from the teens I teach, so I can only imagine the kind of conversations that come out in a class of littles.

      3. Primary (so I think that means elementary) ha 🙂 I have 7-9 year olds in my class and they are wild! Xx

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