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Ten Thought Tuesday: February 28th


  1. Last day of February!  What!?!
  2. Today is a run day.  Once I complete my run, I will have logged in a little over 40km of running in February.  Wow.
  3. After sleeping well (only waking once during the night) for about two weeks, Elliot has started to wake every two hours again.  He has also started drooling excessively, has taken to biting me while he’s nursing and has been getting red cheeks.  I sense a tooth or two working their magic…
  4. The kids made their gingerbread house this weekend.  They had a blast.

    Notice the baby’s devious “I’m gonna find a way to touch that thing and put it in my mouth” look.  Haha!
  5. Last Friday was touski night.  I made a carrot and acorn squash soup, some baked cauliflower wedges and mini burgers.  The food was delicious and the fridge looked awesome afterwards!
  6. I realized the other day how chubby Elliot’s thighs are.  They’re so cute I just want to eat them (figuratively, of course).

    Just LOOK at those folds!
  7. My little sister just moved in to her new apartment with her boyfriend.  He’s such an amazing guy.  I’m so happy for her! ♥♥♥
  8. I’ve been meaning to improve my flexibility and decided to try yoga the other day and found this amazing yoga channel on Youtube.  To everyone out there who does yoga: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for ever judging yoga by thinking it was easy!  I’m going to keep working at it before going to bed because I really did enjoy it though.
  9. Thanks to Tami at Tanglewood Knots (if you like crochet, you should definitely stop by her blog!), I found a new crochet blog that has an A-MA-ZING looking CAL underway.  Take a look at the finished project and see for yourself!
  10. We went to the library over the weekend and I picked up some books for myself.  I decided to expand my horizons to more that just fantasy and mystery novels and picked up a graphic novel, a manga and a historic novel.  I’m excited to be reading for myself (ie: for fun) again!

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to comment of link up to a random thought post of your own!


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

13 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: February 28th

  1. Thank you!! Yes those are some chubby thighs that I want to chew on too – where are those grandbabies LOL. I think I’m going to start my Mindful Mandala tomorrow morning very early before the house gets up to distract me!

  2. Bravo pour ta course! Quels enfants magnifiques… et les cuisses d’Elliot me rappellent celles de sa mère… Hi! hi! Moi aussi je suis contente du bonheur de ta soeur et de Tito. Bisous xoxox

  3. WOW 40km!!! Bravo!
    So puffy, those thighs! Gah! Love ’em…..
    Do you guys always do a gingerbread house this late in the season?? 🙂
    It’s awesome to read beyond your usual genres! Such a great idea bc you never know what you might like. I love historical fiction! That’s my favorite genre. I recently started to read more scifi and fantasy and realized I like them quite a bit. Now my trouble is fitting in all the books I want to read… :/

    1. Haha! Yup…concerning the gingerbread house…I’m kind of a procrastinator. And I like to do too many projects at once. So things like gingerbread houses (or carved pumpkins) usually happen later than they should. I love fantasy and scifi. What’s your favourite historical fiction book/author?

      1. I know it’s fun no matter when it’s done!! 🙂 Oh man, I loved Ken Follet’s historical novels (Pillars of the Earth and his trilogy starting with Fall of Giants, set in WWI era). My favorite era is medieval, though, both historical and non-fiction, so Anya Seton’s novels were good (Katherine! lol), and I’m just reading my first Phillippa Gregory novel (I stopped midway through Neil Gaimon’s American Gods to read it, ah!). But for WWII era I loved Bodie Thoene and Ken Follet’s Eye of the Needle and … oh man I need to stop…. Who’s your fave(s)?

      2. My goto authors have always been Kathy Reichs and Dan Brown. I also really, really, really love Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Philip Pullman. I read Pillars of the Earth and World Without End from Ken Follet. I found the first a little difficult to get through (though I don’t know if it’s because I reading a French translation or if it was just a little heavier than what I was used to reading). I did enjoy them though!

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