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Ten Thought Tuesday: March 7th


  1. This week is Spring Break which for me means “break from the normal routine of having a baby at home and two at daycare”.  I am home with all three kiddos all week.
  2. Today I’m going to go see my grandparents with my mom and the kids.  Yay!
  3. On Saturday, my husband, the kids and I went to see some friends.  With this unusual break in routine, the littles went to bed a lot later than usual.  Now, I usually insist that the kids go down at their usual time no matter where we are, but I decided to make an exception on Saturday.  Oh boy, we’re still playing catch-up with sleep and are going through ungodly amounts of crying, screaming and hysterics.
  4. On Sunday we went to the sugar shack with the kids.  They had a blast!
  5. I’m finding that though I enjoy the theme and story of the graphic novel I rented at the library last week, I’m having a lot of trouble getting through it.  It’s so unusual for me to read a graphic novel and I find that there is too much visual information for me to handle.  I’m determined to finish it though, so I may find I change my mind by the time I get to the end of it.
  6. Elliot’s nights are driving me nuts.  Besides the fact that he’s got a cold and is most likely teething (again) he spins around so much now that he can go from tummy to back and back to tummy that he either ends up with his head stuck in the corner of the crib or bangs his head on the bars whilst attempting to return to lying down on his back.  Urgh!
  7. In case you missed it on my Instragram feed (@mtwotm) here’s a picture I snapped of Charles spontaneously giving his little brother a great big hug.  Such a sweet boy!IMG_2973
  8. Tonight, we’re eating crockpot chili for supper.  It is deeeeeeeeelicious.  I’m going to have to share the recipe with you guys eventually.
  9. I’m going to have to go buy some new running shoes soon.  What a shame.  Hahaha!
  10. I’m listening to an excerpt of “How to Lose a Marathon” whilst writing this.  It isn’t easy.  Usually, when I write in English and I want to listen to something, I listen to something in French so that my brain doesn’t get confused.

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to comment of link up to a random thought post of your own!


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6 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: March 7th

  1. Is the Sugar Shack a regular restaurant or they have specialty desserts…? Interesting name!
    Elizabeth is quite active at night, too. 😛 She frequently sits up, at least when it’s close to morning and her wake up time (8am). Stephen is worried that she’s going to crawl off the bed as we are still sidecar co sleeping, but I hope he’s wrong and she doesn’t attempt it!

    1. A sugar shack is actually a place where maple water is extracted from the trees and transformed into maple syrup and other maple products. Some of the people who do this also open their doors during maple season and serve a buffet of traditional québécois meals (meatballs, ham, sausage…) that have maple syrup as one of the ingredients.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that Elizabeth doesn’t figure out that she can exit her co-sleeper by herself!

  2. Spontaneous hugs (especially between siblings) are the best! And I just have to point out – that pig hat – seriously THAT PIG HAT!!!! I am absolutely sure I will not see anything else today cuter than that!! 😀

  3. Could you explain that English/French listening routine you have again?

    We are traveling, and that sleep thing is hard for kids! Even though we have kept the toddler on the same schedule, she wakes up so much earlier for some reason and is a bear all morning till nap. Ugh!

    New running shoes! I’m due, too!


    1. Sure! When I’m writing in English, I have to listen to instrumental music or French music/audiobook otherwise, my brain always tries to get me to write what I’m listening to. The same thing goes for writing in French: I have to listen to music in English. My brain’s weird that way. Ha! Are you able to write and listen to worded music in English at the same time?

      Traveling is hard on naps! We’re in for a rough week because of reverting back to daylight savings time. I don’t understand why this is done, I would just stop advancing and rewinding the clock, it would be much easier.

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