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Wednesday WIP: March 8th 2017



So I haven’t finished my sister-in-law’s poncho yet (though I did add a skein of yarn to it) because I’ve been engrossed in another project.

You see, recently an article popped up in my Twitter feed about something called the octo project.  It’s basically an initiative that began in Denmark in which crocheters crafted octopus amigurumi to give to preterm babies.  Anecdotal accounts indicate that the preemies who were given these octos seemed calmed by their presence because their tentacles resembled the umbilical cord.  These babies had calmer breathing and weren’t drawn to pulling at their medical equipment.

Since I found the project so interesting and given that I’ve been meaning to try my hand at amigurumi again, I decided to craft a little octopus and contact the donations department of the Montreal Children’s hospital to see if they would be interested in receiving some crocheted octopods.

They are super easy to make and oh so cute!  Plus, they’re great stash busters!  To give you an idea of size, the picture to the right is one of my 4 year old holding the octopus.

I’m really hoping that the hospital will be interested in trying this out.  If not, I’ll contact the other children’s hospital in my area.  At worst, I’ve a newfound interest and renewed confidence in doing amirugumi!

What project(s) are you currently working on?  Feel free to link up to one of your own WIP posts!


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20 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP: March 8th 2017

  1. What a great project! I hope that your healing octopi find a good home. 🙂 It turned out really well – I like the crocheted eyes – no worries about buttons or plastic eyes coming loose and being hazardous! I love the tentacles!! The way it spirals gives it the impression of actually having little suction cups on it! Good job!

  2. What a fantastic project! I hope it helps a beautiful baby!!
    I should start doing a WIP set of posts…maybe monthly. 🙂

  3. Oh my God, that would be amazing if you could donate them to the Childrens’ Hospital!!! I love the idea!

    1. Thanks for the link! I’ll definitely check it out. However, I’m in Canada so was looking for something over here too, but hey, what’s important is that it goes to those precious little ones! Thanks for stopping by!

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