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Unsung Milestones

I don’t know hoe you were when you first became a parent, but with my first, I was a little obsessed with milestones at first.

You know, the normal kind of milestones: first smile, first tooth, first time rolling over…

But there is another kind of milestone.  These ones can’t be found in a book or cute little checklist format.  These are the milestones were seldom (if ever) take the time to document because, well…they kind of make us annoyed.

I’m talking of things like: first tantrum in a public place, first time your kid pooped his/her pants, first time a mirror was “washed” with toothpaste (hiya little sister!).

And, of course, first time your kid figured out that if you keep the drain closed, the water will eventually overflow from the bathroom sink.

Yeah.  That one happened today.  My daughter decided to wash her hands by herself.  I should have known something was wrong; she’d been far too quiet far too long.  She came upstairs completely drenched saying that there was a spill downstairs.  I went downstairs to find the bathroom sink overflowing, taps still running and a rather large puddle on the floor.

On the plus side, my basement bathroom floor is clean now.  Plus, she did come and get me she could have just decided to continue playing in the water.

Do you have any unsung milestones to add to the list?


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14 thoughts on “Unsung Milestones

  1. Hahahahah cleaning a mirror with the toothpaste was an interesting experience! But good for Amélie for doing her own experiments and letting you know that something went wrong!

  2. Yep, peeing on the couch/rug is one of those winning milestones… I feel like embarrassing us at her school somehow (telling a “secret”, showing someone her underwear, I don’t know) or swearing in public (ah!) will happen one day, SIGH.
    I’m sorry you had a cleanup today! :/

  3. That first time they get a hold of a permanent black marker and “decorate” the walls (and doors, and counter, and cabinets, and furniture…)
    The first time they pick their nose.
    The first time they cut something up with scissors (something they shouldn’t have… like their hair or every single visible tag in the house).
    The first time they figure out how to bypass the locked & child protected backdoor and let themselves out without your knowledge.
    The time they got wet playing outside and so they went ahead and stripped their clothes and you find them playing buck naked.

    [It’s mostly my spirited 4 year old that gave me the inspiration for this list… she’s done them all]

    1. Oh gosh, yes! Luckily none of my little have gone out without me knowing-yet. But I remember that when I was younger, my parents had put a lock waaaaay up on the top of the entrance door because my sister would go out of the house as she pleased. We actually had to call the police once because she had wandered off into the neighborhood once.

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