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Sunday Runday: Weeks 7 & 8


Hello again!

If you’re new to this series of posts, I recommend you start here to get a sense of what I’ve been up to.

So, you guys probably noticed, but I completely forgot to post my weekly Sunday Runday post last week so I’ll be covering 2 weeks in this one.

How week 6 went

  • Runs: Runs weren’t too awesome.  Since I didn’t do my usual Sunday run on account of stuffing my face at the sugar shack, I was kind of thrown off.  I did manage to do 2 runs out of 3 though, so not too bad.  I’ve been really needing a break from Winter so I actually did one of my runs outside (never mind that it was raining and freezing!).  It went pretty well considering.  I managed to run 21 minutes straight, but had to walk for about a minute when I turned onto an icy street.  Once I cleared the ice, I finished my run.
  • Crossfit: I didn’t too it.  Hey, I’m only human, right!?!

Week 7 plan

Sunday: Run (C25K, week 7, day 3)

  • Brisk 5 min warm up walk
  • Run: 25 min. jog
  • 5 min cool down walk

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Run (C25K week 8, day 1)

  • Brisk 5 min warm up walk
  • Run: 28 min. jog
  • 5 min cool down walk

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Run (C25k week 8, day 2)

  • See Tuesday run

Friday: Crossfit!

  • Strength: Weighted squats (weights next to hips) 8 – 8 – 8 – 8 – 8
  • WOD: 10 minute AMRAP
    • 10 jumping squats
    • 10 jumping back and forth
    • 10 air squats
    • 10 plank side crunches

Saturday: Rest day

How last week went

  • Runs:

I’ve been having trouble with these.  My heart just doesn’t seem to be in the game these days (of course, the fact that we got slammed with 50cm of snow in 18 hours when all of the previous snow had almost all melted doesn’t help).

On Tuesday, I went out despite the raging snowstorm.  I decided to run for 15 minutes instead of the 25 I was supposed to do because I didn’t want to stay too long.  I also did a 5-10 minute test run with my new shoes.  They are “zero drop” shoes which means that my heal isn’t higher up than my forefoot.  I’m planning on transitioning from a heal-strike run to a forefoot strike style of running and I need to do so slowly to avoid any injuries.  I filmed myself so that I could analyze my run and correct any forms issues.

On Thursday, I went outside and shoveled my side of the driveway (which took about 40 minutes).  Our fantastic neighbour was kind enough to remove most of the snow from my driveway with his snowblower, but he couldn’t remove it where I was parked.  By the time I was finished, I had no desire to go out and run!

  • Crossfit: It went really well!  I can now definitely feel like I’m more in shape than I was about two months ago.  I’m less out of breath and I feel as though I’ve got more muscle tone.

Week 8 plan (this coming week)

I’m  stopping the C25k program to be able to transition from a heal-stike to a forefoot strike using this guide.

Sunday: Run

  • Forefoot drills (5 minutes)
  • 10 minute run (1 min. run /1 min. walk) x 5
  • 5 minute cool down walk + stretches

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Run

  • See Sunday run


Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Run (C25k week 8, day 2)

  • See Sunday run

Friday: Crossfit!

  • Strength: Australian pull-ups 5-5-5-5
  • WOD: 4 rounds
    • 10 box jumps
    • 15 wall balls
    • 50 singles (jump rope)

Saturday: Rest day

What are you doing to keep in shape this week?


Happy Sunday!


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Runday: Weeks 7 & 8

  1. Wow, I can’t believe the snow and your determination to run despite the weather!
    Also, snow shoveling definitely counts as exercise!!

  2. Sounds like you had a big week! I was intrigued about the Australian pull-ups – they sound like hard work!! I did 5 gym classes last week and I had terrible hay fever so everytime I sneezed my whole body hurt… the hardest bit is going to be trying to keep it up again this week!

    1. Supposedly, they’re supposed to be easier than traditional pull-ups. I’m eager to try them out. Wow, 5 gym classes, nice! Sorry to hear about your hay fever, I hope the offending pollen clears up soon.

      1. hmmm… they still look like hard work!? I’d be willing to give them a go tho 🙂 I managed to strain a muscle 3 tracks in at body step last night so I’m going to be out of action for a couple of days I think… so devo 😦

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