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Stupid Cold

So yeah, remember how I mentioned that Elliot wasn’t feeling well yesterday?  Well, I ended up bringing to see his doctor today because he was getting worse.  He was hardly eating, or drinking (or nursing, for that matter).  His breathing became a little laboured yesterday evening and by this morning, it hadn’t gotten better.  He’s been crying uncharistically often and he is having so much trouble getting a good rest. Poor thing.

As it turns out,  he has a gnarly infection in one ear and was starting one in the other.  Add to that the beginning of a bronchitis and you’ve got a pretty miserable baby.

Usually, we can get over colds pretty easily with saline drops, a snot-sucker and upping the humidity in his room, but oh boy did this thing progress quickly!

He’s currently on advil every 8 hours for the next 24-48h until the antibiotics kick in.  Plus we’ve got two days worth of cortisone to help out his lungs.

Tonight, he keeps waking every 30 minutes or so crying in pain.  I gave up on trying to sleep.  He is currently sleeping on me on the downstairs couch. His breathing seems to be better because he’s elevated.

Here’s to hoping he gets better soon.  I’m also crossing my fingers for this to be his last cold in a while.  It’s already his fourth and he’s only 9 months old (I guess that’s what he gets for having a loving brother and sister ha!).



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15 thoughts on “Stupid Cold

  1. N’awww poor thing. 😦 I remember the ear infection days with my kids. Fortunately the antibiotics usually start working pretty quick. He should be feeling better about the same time that you come down with it. 🙂

    1. Yikes, both at the same time must have been super rough. Indeed, it really is no fun to see your baby sick. Thanks, I hope so too. I think that I’ll definitely turn in early this evening and might ask my husband to take the night shift.

  2. Souhaitons que tout “l’arsenal” pour le soigner fasse effet très bientôt – Courage, les rhumes devront passer avec le retour du printemps……..gros bisous gm et gp

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