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Ten Thought Tuesday: April 4th 2017


  1. Elliot is doing much better.  We’re halfway through his antibiotics and his breathing is a lot better.  This is probably why his body decided it would be a good time to start teething again.  Because…why not?
  2. Yesterday, my husband and I got out of the house to play some squash.  Once all three kids were in bed, we left.  This is one of the perks of having my brother live with us.  We’re thinking of making this a weekly thing.
  3. Today is supposed to be a run day, but I’m going to skip it.  I started having some shin pain on Sunday after my run and playing squash probably didn’t help as I’m still tender today.  I’m thinking of dropping a run altogether and replacing it with some swimming to give my legs more rest between runs and try to avoid injuring myself.
  4. Giving the kids their bath is now quite a sport.  Elliot is just so excited in the tub and keeps moving around.  Plus, now that he’s pulling up consistently, he does it in the tub as well.
  5. For the next week, we’re supposed to get rain, rain and more rain.  Yup, Spring is definitely coming!
  6. I haven’t had time to look at my reader all weekend.  I’m planning on trying to catch up today.
  7. Since Charles and Amélie are always arguing over who will get to wear the pig beanie, I decided to crochet a second one.  I’m hoping to finish it today.img_2315
  8. So, yeah, I started playing WoW again.  In an effort to not get to intense and play for hours and hours (and not have time for anything else I like to do), I’ve decided to limit my playing time to half an hour per day.  That’s what I did yesterday and it worked well.
  9. Charles is such a tattle tale, he is driving me nuts!  Are all 4 year olds this way?
  10. Sunday evening, we had some homemade fried chicken for the first time.  It was pretty good.  Do you have a favourite fried chicken recipe?  Care to share?

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to link up in the comments section!


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12 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: April 4th 2017

    1. I totally rolled up a new one! Yeah! I’m playing on my husband’s account since my account was closed. Which is fine given that there’s only one computer in the house that can run WoW and so we can’t both play at the same time. I’m so excited (I feel like I’m saying that a lot these days haha, perhaps it’s time for me to go back to work – too many interests).

  1. I’m glad he’s feeling better! 😍
    I hear ya on bath time being challenging – same situation here! 😛
    Maggie ends up being our live-in babysitter, it sure is nice. 😊

  2. I wish I could figure out fried chicken! Never works out for me.

    I think that tattle-tale stage is pretty strong through first grade, then starts tapering off a bit. Fun, fun.

  3. So glad Elliot is doing better! I commiserate on the teething … my 14mo is doing it hard core. SO TIRED…. (me) Between that and the girls just being difficult, I feel like I am about to lose it. Rough few weeks! And I only have two kids! 😦
    Great crochet work!!!
    Ugh, the tattletales…. My 3yo is also, but I think just because she never stops talking; it doesn’t seem intentional. She can’t keep a secret at all – she even tells us where she’ll hide when we play hide-and-seek!
    I am also so behind in my Reader. It kills me. I have to make time each day for that, but I have too much to do!

      1. HAHA! They’re too cute…
        She only has the canines left, although two molars still have some skin over the surface (ew). The canines were the worst for my oldest girl also!

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