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Letting Go : Clothing (Before & After)


I thought I’d do a “before & after” post of my clothing to document my progress (to check out the actual process, click here)

Most of my things were concentrated in three (no wait, four actually) spots in my room: my side of the closet, a dresser, a night stand (or whatever those things are called) and boxes under my bed.

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Now, I’ve never considered myself as someone who had a lot of clothing.  For the most part, I hate shopping for clothes.  This is why when I find a shirt or pair of pants that I like, I typically buy 2 or 3 in different colours (or not) and move on to other, more interesting things in my life.  And had you asked me how many tops and bottoms I had, I probably would have said about 20 tops and 5 bottoms.  It turns out, I was wrong.

Excluding hoodies, pajama tops (because only toddlers wear those to go out of the house) and maternity tops, I had 47 of them.  Forty-seven shirts.  I don’t need 47 shirts.  Case in point, when I’m lazy and skip a week washing my clothes, I would flip through 3-5 shirts before finding one that I liked (or liked more than the other things that my closet offered me).  Once I was done sorting, I ended up with 30 tops (and here’s the kicker) including maternity tops – most of which I can wear as everyday tops.

I cut the number of dresses I had in half and did similarly with my pants and sho

es.  I realized that I’d been hanging on to so many pieces of clothing because I felt guilty of letting go.

Yikes!  As it turns out, this ended up filling two ginormous trash bags.  One went to the trash, the other to a donation center.

As of right now, all of my clothing is together.  I managed to store my maternity wear alongside my regular clothes without a problem.  Though I can’t wear my maternity pants (I can still wear all of my other maternity stuff), it doesn’t bother me that it’s in my drawers instead of being stashed under my bed.  I enjoy the ease of this.  I also enjoy opening my drawers and closet (notice the space between the hangers now!) and seeing quickly what I have.  Now that I’m done with my clothing, I know I’ll be able to let go more easily in the future whenever I find something that doesn’t spark joy anymore.

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I’ve also decided that I wanted to change the type of clothing I bought.  Purging the things in my home to only be surrounded by things that I love has gotten me thinking of the imprint I’m leaving in this world.  I would like to work towards living in a better world and leaving a smaller imprint.  This is why I’ve decided that from now on, I want to purchase sustainable, eco-responsible clothing for myself.  It’s odd, I’ve never been one to love buying clothing.  But this change in vision on my part has gotten me excited about it!

Next, I tackle the kids’ clothes.  Afterwards, I’m moving on to books.

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Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

13 thoughts on “Letting Go : Clothing (Before & After)

  1. Wow way to go!! It makes me wonder what I have. My drawers and closet are full but I feel like I wear the same things over and over. Hmmmm ewww I think you’re starting to motivate me! 😀

  2. Awesome job on downsizing your closet, Sophie! Going through unneeded clothes is always hard for me because my rationale is “if I can wear it, I should keep it!” even if it’s not flattering, or there’s a tiny hole in it, etc. lol! That’s so cool that you’re going to buy ecofriendly clothes for yourself now – that is definitely an awesome way to help the planet!

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