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Ten Thought Tuesday: April 11th 2017


  1. We had an absolutely beautiful last couple of days.  Yesterday was warm enough to go out without a coat.  Elliot also got to explore the balcony for the first time.

    And my sister-in-law wonders why I nickname this one “chubby face”.  Just look at those cheeks!
  2. Unfortunately, my shins haven’t gotten any better.  Yesterday, my husband and I had to stop our squash game after half an hour because it felt like if I tried to run one more time, my tibia would snap.  I’m so frustrated!  I sent an email to my doctor’s office this morning and I’m planning on calling my osteopath for an appointment to see if she can do something to help while I wait for my doctor to be able to see me.
  3. I finished the beanie that I was working on for Charles last week.  I’ll be posting a picture of it in tomorrow’s WIP post.
  4. Elliot has gotten really good at standing up.  He’s often letting go of one hand, he’s been using various toys and boxes as walkers and he has started cruising by holding onto the couch.
  5. I super excited to tell you that I will be sharing a guest post with you on Thursday!
  6. Income tax season is almost over.  I’ll finally stop being a temporary single mom soon!
  7. We went to see some friends over the weekend and I finally got to meet my friend’s 6 week old!  Oh gosh, baby fever came washing right over me again!
  8. This week, we’ve got slow-cooker baby back ribs, club sandwiches and homemade falafel on the menu.  Deeeeee-licious!
  9. Today’s going to be a pretty difficult day.  Charles and Amélie decided to keep themselves awake yesterday evening so they are super tired today.
  10. After keeping it at bay for a few weeks, the cold that everyone’s gotten in the house except me has finally caught up with me.  *Sigh* Oh well, with water, rest and sinus rinse, it shouldn’t be too bad overall.

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?  Feel free to link up in the comments section!


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

8 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: April 11th 2017

  1. Baby fever eh? Maybe that’s why the maternity clothes didn’t get put back in to storage. 🙂 I will resist the temptation to make a booger joke. Mucus fun is okay when talking about baby boogers, but for adults I think it crosses the line. LOL I hope that you picked up extra tissues and medicine on your dogsled trek across the frozen tundra on the ice roads! Hope you feel better soon – your shins and your boogie nose! 😀

    1. Yup, definitely why it didn’t go back in storage. I’m optimistic that within a few months, I’ll be able to convince my husband. Don’t worry about the tissues, I’m pretty much certain that we own a sizeable part of one of the tissue companies, I need them 365 days a year!

      1. Ooooh so exciting!! I know it’s obviously NOT even on the same level, but I’m sure I could talk my hubby into getting a new puppy without much effort. I need to stay away from new babies or I might actually be one of those mothers that starts harassing her adult children about giving me some grandbabies!!!!

      2. See, I’ll be able to talk my husband into having another child before I can even think of talking him into getting a dog. He didn’t grow up with animals, so he doesn’t really “get it”. We started an adoption process for a cute-as-can-be beagle-daschund mix a few years back and it unfortunately didn’t work out (it was either my relationship or the dog lol). I was heartbroken. I did end up talking him into letting me have a dog once all our kids would be in elementary school though. Yeah, new babies kind of stir up all sorts of maternal instincts, don’t they?

  2. Wow, I’ve heard that tax season is so brutal: a few of my friends do corporate tax and it seems like tax work is the hardest job with such long hours! Poor you – combined with a cold for you, ugh. 😦

    I’m sorry about your shins. That is so painful! I had shin splints when I was in high school from gymnastics and I wanted to cry so much. I ended up having to quit because of them. I hope you can get that calmed down so you can work out comfortably again.

    On my mind today?? Stomach flu! I’ve been battling it since yesterday and my stomach is just so achy. I’ve been a bit of a bum mom and just want to curl up on the couch and sleep. I’m halfway there. :/

    1. It must have sucked so much to need to quit gymnastics! Yeah, I ended up seeing my doctor yesterday. She suggested I stop running until I no longer feel any pain and gave me a reference to see a physical therapist. In the meantime, I’ve replaced running with swimming so at least I can stay active. Noooooooo! Not the stomach flu! I hope you feel better soon!

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