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Wednesday WIP: April 12th 2017


Hi guys!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s TTT post, I finished Charles’ pig earflap beanie.  And, you know, though I found Charles’ choice of complementary colours questionnable at best, they all work remarkably well together.  Perhaps he’ll be a fashion designer later on?  Haha!

I’ve also progressed a bit on the scarf I was working on, though I took a break from it after Amélie found both the scarf and my scissors and “helpfully” cut my working yarn.  On the bright side, she didn’t cut into the actual scarf!  I really like the color progression and enjoy the big blocks of colours.  I’m hoping to finish it this week.

FullSizeRender 2

I also started working on another little octopus a while back.  The initial hospital that I contacted hasn’t gotten back to me, but I’ve found another one who might be interested.


I played around with this one and added an eye patch to turn it into a pirate.  I only have 5 tentacles left to crochet before I can stuff it and close it up.  I also decided to do 3 sc instead of 2 sc in each chain link of the tentacles.  It makes for a bit wider tentacles but they are also tighter.  I’m eager to finish it to compare with my other one and decide what I like best.

What project(s) are you currently working on?  Feel free to link up to one of your own WIP posts!


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13 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP: April 12th 2017

  1. That hat is awesome! And the colors do work really well together! Isn’t making the mesh for the scarf fun? I really like that part of it. The chains and weaving are fun too, but are more time consuming than making the mesh. Maybe Amelie was trying to give you a hint that the scarf was just the right size for her? And you’re lucky, when my daughter found my scissors she gave herself a haircut. She ended up cutting off her bangs like all the way down to the scalp. 😀

    1. Yes, making the mesh is super fun! I’ve been wondering, how do you secure the chains once they’re weaved in? Do they just hold on their own? I think that the fact that Amélie didn’t give herself a haircut has more to do with the fact that she’s never had one yet more than it has to do with luck. I’m pretty sure that it’s a rite of passage of parenthood to have one of your kids cut their own hair. In my family, my little sister was the one who broke the ice. Yikes! Bangs cut all that way! It must have been interesting haha!

      1. If you leave your tails a little long you can just do a little slip knot at the end to hold them in. Or you can incorporate the tails into fringe. If you don’t mind the tediousness of it you would sew them in after you make a little knot. Dealing with the chain’s tails is the only not so much fun part of this technique. 🙂

  2. That octopus is so cute! I love it! I don’t have any WIPs, but did finish a wood sign with a honeycomb and bee vinyl design over the weekend that was personalized with a name to give someone as a gift.

  3. No way, I have just stumbled across your blog looking for post on C25K, and then I find you crochet too!? Heaven! x

    1. Yeah! I love to meet others who share the same interests. What’s the saying: “great minds…find each other’s blogs”? Haha! And now, you’ve piqued my interest. I’m going to hop over to your blog for a peek! “See Sloth Run”? I love the name! Cheers!

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