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Eye Shadow Tutorial – Toddler Edition

Just thought I’d share this.  I opened photo booth in front of my 2 year old this morning so she could watch me braid her hair.  Then, she asked me if she could put on some makeup.  I couldn’t resist filming her.

Hope everyone is having a nice day!


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14 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Tutorial – Toddler Edition

  1. Ah, that was hilarious!! Except I cringed every time she swiped a brush with eyeshadow right over her seemingly open eye! I hope she didn’t get anything in there!
    What a pro already, lol… I love her b&w jumper, btw.
    Last time my mom visited, my oldest (who is VERY close to my mom) applied her makeup … she was half-normal, half-clown … 100% entertainment! My mom was a good sport.

    1. Yeah, I know. I kept fearing that she’d poke an eye out. No harm done though. Thanks, I fell in love with the jumper when I saw it! Aww, you mom’s awesome! Grandparents will go through pretty much anything for their grand kids. I’m pretty sure my dad would let Charles put some makeup on him if he asked.

  2. Too too too adorable!!! So I’m thinking that she must have been trying to copy the way that Mommy puts makeup on!! LOL 😀

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