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Ten Thought Tuesday: May 9th 2017


  1. I am so behind in my blog reading!  I really need to find some time to catch up.
  2. We’ve been dealing with the consequences of floods caused by the unrelenting rain around here.  At our house, we’re fine, but a few blocks away, roads are closed because of flooding.  One of the two bridges that lead to the island of Montreal is closed so traffic is horrendous.  Luckily, the road I take to drive the kids to daycare isn’t affected.
  3. Today is supposed to be the worst day and water levels are supposed to start receding starting tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe, though as this is what is forecasted for the next week.
  4. Despite the crappy weather, we managed to get some time outside when it was nice out (meaning just super cloudy).  The kids went to the park and had some fun.
  5. We had a really busy but super fun weekend.  On Friday, my husband and I managed to go to the restaurant just the two of us.  Then, on Saturday, we went to see our friends to celebrate their son’s birthday party.  Charles, Amélie and Elliot had a blast.    Finally, on Sunday, after going to the pool (Charles and Elliot) and gymnastics (Amélie) classes, we went to my parents’ house for a lovely family brunch.  Afterwards, I went to a ceramic cafe with my two friends for some girls-only time together and they all stayed for supper.
  6. The neon noodles I made last week turned out wonderfully!  My kids gobbled them up.  Well, except Elliot.  He wasn’t impressed and just threw them on the floor.  I just tossed them in garlic butter and served them with sweet and sour chicken and steamed broccoli.IMG_3278
  7. I’ve recently discovered a love for matcha tea.  I went to David’s tea about a week ago and bought some peach matcha.  It is so delicious!  It’s great as a hot latte, just plain hot and is amazing as iced tea (not that I’m drinking much iced tea these days).  I’ve yet to try it as an iced latte, but I’m certain it will be awesome.
  8. I recently read an article on the Dirty Dozen on the David Suzuki website.  I checked through my makeup and realized that everything I own (not that I own much) contains at least one ingredient from the dirty dozen.  Since I’ve been wanting to wear makeup more often, I started researching brands that don’t contain any of the offending ingredients, but I keep coming up short.  I think I’ll just give up and go back to my au naturel look.
  9. I haven’t gone out for a run, or a swim, or done any type of physical activity since last Thursday when I played some squash with my husband.  I am going totally nuts, but I’ve been feeling under the weather recently (thank you dear children and husband for kindly sharing your colds with me) and have been faced with rain and cold temps outside (did I mention that yesterday, it snowed!).
  10. Tonight, I’m planning on making some oven-baked crispy skinned chicken thighs with steamed green beans, pearled barley and an acorn squash puree.  It’s going to be yummy!  What are you eating tonight?

What’s on your mind this Tuesday?



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15 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: May 9th 2017

  1. Ho non….. pas des élastiques pour dîner…..ha,ha,ha c’est pour çà qu’Elliot n’en veut pas !!! Je badine, tu es la plus géniale des mamans belle Sophie. je t’M – ta gm & gp qui t’M aussi –

  2. How in the world did you manage a night out just the 2 of you 🙂 I pray you get to feeling better. Feeling under the weather is the worst. I have been exhausted for a few days, and haven’t been able to nail down the problem. So, no working out for me either. For dinner, I’m not having anything as delicious as crispy skinned chicken thighs with steamed green beans, pearled barley and an acorn squash puree, that’s for sure 🙂

      1. Ahhhh well thank the good Lord for your sister 🙂 what a blessing. Yes, I’m sure it’s the weather, it will pass. I find as I’ve gotten older that things happen with my body that I are unexplainable LOL so I roll with it 😉

  3. I was sick all weekend with a tummy thing. Better now though. Those noodles are awesome! I wonder what hubby and teenage daughter would say if I put that down in front of them!! Leftover chicken and broccoli casserole here tonight! We had so much rain about 6 years ago that there was some flooding here – we don’t usually have any flooding – it was scary, it just kept raining and raining for days! 🙂

    1. Noooooo! Not a tummy bug. Bleh. Casseroles are yummy! Even better when they’re leftovers. There was actually some sun out this evening (can you imagine!). Needless to say, I went out for a run. Now, I’m in a good mood again. 😀

  4. I’m so jealous of your David’s Tea! It’s not available in the UK yet. But I hope it is soon!

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