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Ten Thought Tuesday: (I Know, It’s Actually Thursday…)


  1. Hey!  I feel like I should apologize.  I’ve been a very crappy blogger lately.  I haven’t really been on WordPress for over a week so I haven’t read many posts, have commented on even fewer and have barely replied to comments.  I can’t say I’ve been super busy or haven’t had any inspiration or anything, I think I’m just overwhelmed by all the posts that pile up in my reader every day and am sad that I can’t give each one of them the attention it deserves.  *Sigh*, I need a pause button.
  2. After trying many methods (too many to count), I have finally mastered the art of poaching eggs and can even poach more than one at a time.  This is what Elliot and I ate for lunch on Tuesday (or was it Monday?) and it was delicious!

    FullSizeRender 6
    This was all sorts of yummy!
  3. I’ve gotten so many things done today.  I managed to find a place that can repair my sewing machine, I finally have a date for the window installation, I went to see my physical therapist and booked my next appointment, I also called the arborist that came last week to give him my email address (he wrote a letter for me to give to the electricity company after coming close to being electrocuted when branches from my huge maple tree came into contact with the power lines and created sparks).  My father-in-law also showed me how to connect the wires to our pool ozonator (at my request).  It’s super easy to do.
  4. I’m finally starting to see some real progress with regards to running and after a couple of weeks of discouragement, I think I’ve regained my motivation.  I’m also planning on restarting my Sunday Runday posts because they were really helping keep me on track with regards to fitness.
  5. The apple tree that my husband bought me for Mother’s Day last year is in bloom!  It will produce (in a couple of years, hopefully) five varieties of apples: Winesap (have never heard of these), Cortland, Red McIntosh, Yellow Delicious and Summerred (which is also new to me).
  6. Spring is definitely here.  Besides the apple blossoms, our little lilac is in bloom and there are some cute little flowers speckling my grass among the party of dandelions (does anyone else here NOT hate dandelions?  I think they’re pretty and their bright yellow color always puts me in a good mood).
  7. After wanting one for over two years, I’ve finally bought and received a SSC so that I can back carry more easily and so that my husband can do some babywearing.  I already have stretchy wrap, a ring sling and a woven but my husband has never been keen on the learning curve that comes with wraps, so this is a fantastic option for him.  I’m planning on doing a review soon, but right now, all I have is praise for the carrier.

    FullSizeRender 7
    Isn’t it beautiful?
  8. Lately, I’ve been watching three series.  My husband and I have gotten a Crunchyroll subscription so that we can finish the Naruto Shippuden (I know, I know, we’re total geeks).  I also started watching The Office, which…just wow.  My brother aptly describes it as “cringe humour”.  I describe it as a mix of morbid curiosity and a train wreck waiting to happen.  Finally, I’m three episodes in to The Crown.  I’m finding myself surprisingly interested in the series even though I generally don’t care for things that revolve around politics.
  9. Elliot is becoming more confident on his feet.  He’s usually standing with only one hand for support and has started letting go once in a while.  It usually results in him falling promptly on his bum and crying out of frustration, but hey, that’s all part of the game.
  10. Speaking of milestones, besides an approximation of “maman” and “papa”, I’ve recently realized that Elliot has been saying his name for a couple of months!  Plus, I think he’s teething again (first molars *dun-Dun-DUN!*) because we’ve been getting some pretty crappy nights recently.

What’s on your mind this Thursday?


Thirty-something year old discovering the joys and bumps of motherhood.

12 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: (I Know, It’s Actually Thursday…)

  1. You know I’ve missed you, but I completely get it. I’m having trouble keeping up too. I LOVE dandelions they are really beautiful! And talk about easy to grow!!! Which Office, UK or US? I really liked The Crown – I’m fascinated by things like that – not the politics but more the historical and etiquette side of royalty. I love history documentaries too – The Roosevelts is playing on Netflix right now. Looking forward to Runday again – I’ve been so lazy and haven’t even looked for another fitness blog to read for my vicarious Sunday exercise routine!! Pop in whenever you want – I’ll still be here!! ❤ 😀

    1. Yay! Fellow dandelion lovers are awesome (but then, I already knew you were awesome before that). I only watched the first episode of the UK version, but will probably watch the 2 seasons after I’m done with the US version. Did you watch both? Which did you prefer? Yeah, it’s the whole historical bit that fascinates me with The Crown, not to mention that court life is so far removed from anything I know that it’s really interesting to watch. Looking forward to Runday? Well, get your Yoga pants ready for your regular Sunday workout! 😉

      1. I watched every episode of US Office at least 3 times. The UK one just a few because they are basically the same show and it just put me of. Yoga pants are the same thing as jammie pants right?????? 😀

      2. Yeah, that’s how I felt about the UK version as well Oh well, the US version is plenty entertaining! Oh yes, yoga pants and pajama pants are definitely one and the same. I swear, I could live in them, too bad I can’t wear either to work.

  2. I am right there with you, I have been a crappy reader lately. The weather JUST got nice here and it has my work life super hectic and I feel like I am neglecting everyone on WordPress!!

    1. It seems so overwhelming sometimes! There are days where I go 24h without reading and then suddenly, I have 20+ unread posts. Glad that I’m not the only one that struggles with keeping up.

  3. There are no crappy bloggers, only busy moms who can’t blog so much because they are doing more important things like taking care of three little cuties. The Crown is so good. I loved it and can’t wait for the second season. I love period shows and this one is especially good because you get to know a whole different side of the queen, even if it’s fictional. You have such pretty flowers. I’ve been gardening a lot lately so, hopefully, I’ll have some nice ones soon. xx

    1. Aw, thanks Cheila :). You’re the second person who has good things to say about the Crown, I’m really happy I started watching the series! I agree, it’s great to imagine how the Queen must have been like in the beginning. I don’t know how accurate it is, but the roles are well played so it almost feels like watching a documentary. I’m sure all of your hard work will turn into beautiful flowers. Can’t wait to see the pictures of them in bloom! (By the way, I haven’t forgotten you for the postcard exchange. Just need to finish writing and hop on over to the post office).

  4. J’aime beaucoup ce récit de tes activités. Contente que tu aimes les fleurs et l’arborescence de tes arbres fruitiers. Tu as une vie normal, c.a.d. super occupée, merci de partager ces moments chaleureux, remplis d’amour au quotidien. Je t’M. gm & gp

  5. Oh sweetie, I understand keeping up with the reading. Since I’ve been back I’ve spent HOURS a day catching up on blogs, comments etc. BUT I don’t have kids, hubby is in another state, I have the extra time, well some anyway LOL. Every blogger out here understands and will still love you just the same! 🙂 God Bless you with the poached eggs, I am almost 50 and have NEVER been able to master it. I gave up figuring, I can scramble, fry, and boil, so that will have to do LOL. There’s not a thing wrong with dandelions. I even took pictures of some before I left a couple of weeks ago and they’ll get picture time right next to the Bible verses one of these day 😉 It’s exciting about the milestones, it’s been so long ago with my son since he’s a full grown man, so nice to hear about yours 🙂 God bless you, remember, everything will all get done in it’s own sweet time :):)

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