About MommyTrainingWheels

I am a thirty-something mom to three (almost always) adorable kiddos.  There’s “Little Dude”, my curious almost four year old, “Miss Peanut”, the sassy two year old and “The Chubby One”, my littlest one.

I am a trained educator who works with children and teens with learning difficulties and I absolutely LOVE my job.  I live in Eastern Canada with my husband, three kids and little brother.

I consider myself rather artistic and generally enjoy reading, writing, baking, crocheting and running.  Oh, and blogging.  Yup, I absolutely love doing that.  My favourite subject to write about so far has been my kids, but I am slowly branching out in different directions generally pertaining to parenting.

I really hope you enjoy yourself ’round here.



13 thoughts on “About MommyTrainingWheels

  1. Sophie!! My dear friend, how I’ve missed you! It’s me, Valerie (aka Atlanta Mom of Three) 😉 Of course you know that blog is gone, but I have a new blog now. ^_^ I got your letter and what a bad friend I am not to have written back! I was struggling at the time I received it, recovering from surgery because I had my first c-section with my fourth little one, Elizabeth! Can you believe it?! Miss pro-natural birth here? lol She was stuck in left occiput position for the entire third trimester and through my natural (non-induced) labor; I pushed for an hour and a half fully dilated and she didn’t budge! Silly girl. She was delivered on her due date of June 26th. 🙂
    I’d love to catch up so I’ll be reading your posts as I can. Happy New Year! ❤

    1. Valerie!

      Goodness, I am so happy to hear from you! I’ve been trying to reach you for months (I thought I’d sent the letter to your old address by accident). Oh well, I’m so very happy to hear that you are doing well and that you had your beautiful daughter despite needing a c-section. Just followed your new blog ;), I’ll read your posts when I find some time.

  2. SOPHIE! I don’t actually know you but I wanted to emulate Valerie’s enthusiasm. Thank you for following The Comfortable Coop! Your kids are adorable and I really look forward to reading about them, you, and your life.

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