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Ten Thought Tuesday: August 19th


  1. Wow, already at 38 weeks, I can’t believe I’ll be meeting Peanut in a few weeks time!
  2. Yesterday, I had a checkup with my obgyn.  Baby is firmly head down (and despite being almost ready to come out, Peanut is as active as ever).  I was asked if I wanted a cervical check and declined.
  3. Speaking of cervical checks, did you know that Valerie over at Atlantamomofthree wrote a post on them a while back?  It’s definitely worth a read.
  4. Yesterday, my brother and his girlfriend made an absolutely decadent mac and cheese.  If you’re looking for some comfort food (and really really like cheese), I would definitely recommend it.  Did I mention that it was decadent?
  5. I went out and bought some new shoes for Little Dude yesterday.  It was about time, he went from wearing a size 5 to wearing a size 7 (can you say “growth spurt”!?!).  Once I picked out the shoes, I let him pick the color – he went with his new favourite colour: red.
  6. My partner’s LEGO exhibition went really well last weekend.  You can check here if you want an idea of all the awesome things you can build with LEGO blocks.
  7. This weekend, we’re having friends over for a brunch.  It’ll be really fun as 1. we haven’t seen them in a while and 2.  Charles will be able to play with his 16 month old friend.  We’re borrowing my MIL’s coffee machine for the occasion because neither my partner or I drink the stuff.
  8. Yesterday, the little guy was with his mamie all day.  I took advantage of the fact he wasn’t there to reorganize his toys and do a toy box rotation (we keep one set of toys upstairs, one in the basement and keep one in storage).  He was super excited to rediscover his “new” toys when he got home.
  9. I’ve got a ridiculous amount of bananas in the freezer – I will have to make some banana bread and muffins.  Yummy!
  10. One of Charles’ friends has left the daycare that he attends because she is starting kindergarten.  Her little sister will be taking her place.  I’m eager to see how Charles will react to a smaller baby (10 months old) – he’s always been with older kids at daycare.

If anyone else is doing a TTT today, feel free to link your post in the comments section!

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Ask Away Friday With Atlantamomofthree

Valerie contacted me a while ago to ask if I would be willing to do Ask Away Friday with her for the month of December.  I was SUPER thrilled and, of course, accepted right away.  We exchanged ten questions with one another and will be presenting our answers on our blogs for everyone to read and know us better 😉  Valerie, Jhanis and Kerry who have done AAF before answered with pictures so I tried to provide some with my own answers.

Here goes!

1.  Do you have any pets?

Yep!  I have three actually!  One sunglow gecko that was rescued from an owner who couldn’t remember the last time he’d fed him, one leopard gecko who I’ve had for nearly 5 years now and a three-legged green anolis.

2.  What does you son’s bedtime routine look like?

We keep things simple.  The bedtime routine starts with a bottle, followed by a bath, followed by teeth brushing.  Then I get the little guy in his jammies and sleep sack, turn on his white noise machine and hold him in the rocking chair for a couple of minutes before putting him down in his crib.

3.  Show us pic(s) from a recent celebration

Though I love to take pictures (of my son! lol) I’m not really the celebration type.  BUT I do have a couple of snapshots from the anniversaries that we celebrated at my parents’ house last weekend.  One of the birthday cake and one of the little dude digging in.

4.  What are a few of you son’s favorite things to play with (at the moment)?

Hands down Charles loves his Duplo blocks.  He loves to put them together and bang them on one another to make noise.  He has also started to show an interest (an actual one) in books.  He grabs them from the shelf and comes to sit on me so that I can read it to him.

5.  Do you decorate for the Holidays?  Let’s see them

We actually decided against decorating for the Holidays this year because Mr. Curious would get into EVERYTHING.  We will be putting up a tree and decorations next year though!

6.  Where do you buy your groceries?

We’re lucky enough to have three grocery stores within 5 minutes of each other (and our house).  We typically go to 2 out of three each week depending on the specials.  We go to Super C, IGA and Provigo.

7.  Can we see your city’s library?

Sure thing 😉  I’ve actually only been there once, but it is rather nice and has a great selection.  Now that I’ve revisited it (to take a couple of pictures), I feel like going back!

8.  How does the inside of your car look (clean or messy)?

Well, um… y’know… I’ve never been very good at keeping the inside of my car clean.  It’s actually not THAT bad right now because I cleaned it up a couple of weeks ago…

9.  What is your favorite room in the house?
Must I choose?  I love the family room because it is chalk-full of books and games and I love the basement because that is where all the video games and gaming consoles are.

10.  What is something that makes you smile?
This.  This little guy makes me smile every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Today, the first thing he did when he got home from daycare was toddle his way to the pantry, grab a box of crackers and start snacking away.  Oh boy, can’t wait for adolescence to hit…


This was really fun!  Anyone up for doing AAF with me?

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How My Miscarriages Have Changed Me (for the Better) – Valerie’s Guest Post (Write for me Wednesday)

I’m so thrilled to kick off my first Write for me Wednesday with a guest post from Valerie from Atlantamomofthree.  For those of you who don’t already know, let me start by telling you that I absolutely adore Valerie.  Her posts are always very honest, informative and are never judgmental.  She takes the time to comment on other posts and respond to comments and she regularly brings bloggers together by hosting blog parties and inviting guest bloggers to write some posts for her to put up on her own blog.  Today, she has chosen to share a post on her miscarriages and how they have changed her for the better.

Wow, that’s quite the title, I know. And it’s a phrase I certainly never thought I’d be saying, but it’s true. There are reasons I am thankful for the three miscarriages I’ve had. But let me back up a bit…

When our daughter was two years old, I became pregnant again; I didn’t know it at first because the home pregnancy tests were coming back negative even though I was a week late (which I never was, back then). I went to the doctor when I was finally two weeks late. It was there that I found out about the new baby. The nurse said it was a “faint” positive, but it was positive! Two days later (and I won’t go into more detail here), I miscarried. The lines had been faint because I was already losing the baby.

I was devastated. Truly heartbroken. I knew what it was like to have a beautiful, healthy child and the idea that this one had died was just too much for me to take. But take it, I did. It took a long time for me to heal.

A year later, I had a healthy, uneventful pregnancy with our son, aside from the fact I was scared of miscarriage in the first trimester. Boy, I didn’t know how blissful it had been while pregnant with our daughter, because it had never crossed my mind that a miscarriage was possible for me!

When he was two, I had another miscarriage. It was early and I had, again, just found out before losing it. This is why, for a long time now, I have only tested once I am at least two weeks late.

Two years later, I had my third miscarriage, at 8/9 weeks. This was a rough time for me. I felt like my body was failing. That there was something really wrong with me. It also caused me to have a lot of problems in my relationship with the Lord (but I’ll save that for another post).

We stopped trying for another baby for a long time. It was too painful and I was so scared of it happening again. But then, in January of 2011, we found out that (even though we’d been “preventing”), I had conceived and was six and a half weeks along.

I was overjoyed and terrified at the same time. I could not, and would not, let myself become attached to this baby. Not for a long time. When the doctor felt my uterus at the first appointment some weeks later, and said it was the perfect size, I cried. I wanted this baby so badly. At the first ultrasound, the following week, my husband and I watched as our baby rolled and flipped. The technician said she guessed it was a boy. “He” was perfect and active and looked healthy. I was happy but I still couldn’t allow myself to relax. I felt on alert all the time. I was constantly in the bathroom checking for blood.

There was a change in my thinking when I started to really show. By the time I was twenty weeks, and I had already been feeling kicks for a few weeks, I began thinking that we might actually get to meet this little one. It was a boy after all, and his name would be Samuel, which means “asked of God.”
He was born a few days shy of his due date, as healthy and beautiful as our older children. His birth helped me to heal from the miscarriages in a profound way. He didn’t replace them, but his presence is such a blessing in our lives that it’s easy to feel nothing bad ever happened before.

So, why am I thankful for the miscarriages?
* I have so much more empathy. I understand loss now and am able to be a help, comfort, and encouragement to others. This is a gift!
* I am enjoying motherhood in a whole new way this time. I take nothing for granted and I don’t feel hurried for him to grow up at all. I imagine the same would be true had we gone through fertility treatments or the adoption process.
* I see all of our children as a true blessing from God. It is quite obvious that my body needs a helping hand in producing healthy kiddos, and we have three. Praise the Lord!
* I’ve gotten to see the love and support from my husband in a way that I might not ever have seen if we’d not gone through so much loss together.
* Our family rocks!! lol What I mean is that the age differences between our children may seem uncommon and possibly difficult, but I’m telling you – our big kids adore their little brother and he is getting to be raised in a family of four people much older than him who love him to pieces! Lucky kid, eh?

Would I ever want to experience another miscarriage? No, it would surely break my heart again, but I am certain that there are blessings to be found even in heartbreak.

M and J with Sam small

Thanks again for sharing this, Valerie!

If you are interested in writing a guest post for me, feel free to check out my post on Write for me Wednesday and shoot me an email.


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Rediscovering the Sexy Woman Inside

I was looking through some past posts on my friend Valerie’s blog over at Atlanta Mom of Three.  One post really caught my eye and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I was reading it.  In Becoming the Sexy Housewife, she talks about how women tend to fall into a similar pattern once they have given birth.

Citing Dr. Laura from The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands (chuckle #1), she goes to describe how new mothers tend to be stricken with “frump” syndrome.  So, how do you recognize a woman who has this syndrome?  Well, she generally gets ready for bed by sporting some flannel pajama pants or sweat pants, (fuzzy) socks, and an oversized tee.  Guilty, guilty and guilty (chuckle #2).  To find out what the remedy to frump syndrome is (as well as what the other symptoms are), I strongly suggest you go and take a look at her post!

Besides giving me a few chuckles, the post also got me thinking.  Why do many of us end up doing this (admit it, you’re guilty too!)?  Is it out of exhaustion, because it seems simpler, because immediately after giving birth we feel the need to just slip into something comfy and never really go back to our old ways?  Or is it because of something else?  I mean, it’s no secret that women tend to be very critical of their bodies and even moreso once they have given birth!  So is this a result of a woman’s discomfort with her own body?

Of course, this got me thinking about how I feel with regards to my own body.  I tuned in to my thoughts and was stunned at the result.  I realized that I am at peace with my body!  This realization flabbergasted me.  I mean, I’ve had issues with the way I look for a loooooooong time.  These issues stemmed from the interaction of a multitude of sources, but they were with me all the time.  One of the many manifestations was my complete and utter refusal to be photographed.

Nowadays, I feel good.  I don’t care that my body has changed, I welcome the changes because they are all (stretch marks included) a testament to the wonderful life that I brought into this world.  Having my first child has changed me.  I realize that there are more important things in life than worrying about what I think I look like and how others might judge me.  I am what I am, I am who I am and I am happy with that.

So, in the spirit of embracing who I am, here are my first three steps:

Step 1: Blog about it – get it out there! (Check)

Step 2: Post a picture of myself (and my son, of course ;)) (Check)

Here I am at my parents' house, not hiding from my grandmom's camera for once (bonjour grand-mère!).
Here I am at my parents’ house, not hiding from my grandmom’s camera for once (bonjour grand-mère!).

Step 3 (You may to wait before clicking this link – it’s not inappropriate, but may raise some questions if others are looking at your screen when you first open it.  Curious yet?): Get a year-long subscription to this. 😀 (Check!)

Are you a victim of “frump syndrome”? 

How are you dealing/have you dealt with your post-partum body?