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Awesome Moves Little Dude!

In the realm of learning a new skill overnight…

I put down Little Dude on his boppy this morning so that he can work on the tummy time we’ve been neglecting over the past week.

I turn around to grab my computer so that I can keep frying some of his brain cells during tummy time by letting him watch some Baby Einstein on Youtube.  When I turn back towards my son, laptop in hand, this is what I see.


WHAT!?!  When did you learn to do that Little Dude?

“Surely, it must be a fluke”, I say to myself whilst wanting to jump up and down like a little kiddie at Chuck e Cheese.  So, I put him on his tummy again, this time without the boppy.  Seconds later the little bugger is on his back again (and again, and again…).

Tummy time will never be the same again.

And I really have to stop procrastinating and finish baby-proofing…